The mask slips: ‘Counselor’ glorifies her abortion by making video of it

The mask slips: ‘Counselor’ glorifies her abortion by making video of it

We are so frequently told that abortion clinics do not push abortion as a first option but, rather, they present it as an option alongside adoption. Furthermore, we’re told how far out of their way these clinics go to push birth control and ways to prevent unwanted pregnancies before women are “forced” to choose abortion as a last resort. Those claims and assertions have always been dubious at best, and now it appears as though one worker at a clinic in New Jersey has let the mask slip away to reveal just how eager some of these pro-abortion advocates are to glorify the barbaric procedure.

As Fox News reports, video surfaced this week of an abortion clinic ‘counselor’ filming herself as she underwent the procedure to demonstrate how easy it was and painless it was, for her:

A New Jersey abortion clinic employee whose video of her own abortion has gone viral in recent days has drawn intense criticism from pro-life groups, who accuse her of glorifying the killing of an unborn child. [Emphasis added]

Emily Letts, 25, said when she became pregnant last fall after not using birth control, she quickly decided to have an abortion at the Cherry Hill Women’s Center in Cherry Hill, where she works as an abortion counselor. But as she prepared for the procedure, she believed sharing the experience online might help de-stigmatize abortion, with video the most powerful means available to her.

I would like to correct the story as it was written by Fox. The video was not depicting her abortion, since she has already had the pleasure of being born. Rather, the video was depicting the abortion of her unborn child, who was never given the pleasure of taking a breath of life outside his or her mother’s womb.

Another angle to this story I find remarkably revealing is how Emily Letts, as an ‘abortion counselor,’ was so cavalier in choosing to become pregnant and then so quick to immediately choose abortion and — more interesting yet — to document the ordeal on film. I am left asking if the entire pregnancy was a planned event so she would be able to make this video as a way to push her agenda forward.

If you’re an ‘abortion counselor’ and all day long you supposedly hand out condoms, explain forms of birth control, and look for ways to prevent abortion, how can you possibly have not followed your own advice to avoid an unwanted child? The situation does not compute in the world of logic and reason unless there is an underlying agenda and a preconceived plan to produce a video like this. So far, there is no concrete evidence to support that scenario of a premeditated event but the circumstantial case makes it possible in my book.

When asked about her decision to end the life of her unborn child, Letts was unremorseful and seemed to be beaming with pride:

“I don’t feel like a bad person. I don’t feel sad. I feel in awe of the fact that I can make a baby. I can make a life,” Letts says at the end of the video. “I knew what I was going to do was right, because it was right for me, and no one else.” [Emphasis added]

She’s in awe of the fact that she can make a baby only to immediately end it’s very short life without so much as a tear shed. I find it stunning that she even admits a life was created inside her womb and yet she’s totally fine with the fact she she ended it. Furthermore, she says it was right for her, and ‘no one else.’ Who is the ‘no one else’ she’s referring to? The baby? The baby’s father?

However, I digress from attacking Emily Letts’ decision to become pregnant and gleefully destroy the baby that was growing inside her. Truth be told, there are two destroyed lives here but the one still living just hasn’t come to grips with it yet. She is someone who needs prayer and counseling herself, but not from a place that would cheerfully bring a woman in to film the destruction of human life to push a political agenda.



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