Benghazi following Hillary Clinton on the 2016 campaign trail

Benghazi following Hillary Clinton on the 2016 campaign trail

If you think she’s not already campaigning, think again. Amid planned protests from groups wanting answers about the Benghazi terrorist attacks, along with a mother of one of the victims, Hillary Clinton has canceled a keynote appearance at an upcoming health care conference. Is this a preview of what we’ll see on the campaign trail in 2016 when things get into full swing? The former Secretary of State has a lot of baggage, Benghazi being very notable since dereliction at the State Department resulted in four dead Americans, lies, and a cover-up.

Hillary Clinton was the planned keynote speaker at the 17th Annual Western Healthcare Leadership Academy in San Diego on April 11 – but she’s cancelled her visit in the midst of planned protests from San Diego locals and military families.

Protestors organized by “The Difference Matters” do not want the former U.S. Secretary of State to come because of Clinton’s role in the Benghazi scandal.

“She is not welcome here in San Diego by so many of us. We don’t want her here,” said Jan Iverson, a local mother and protestor.

“Pat Smith lost her son, Sean Smith, during an attack in Benghazi and plans to be at the center of the protest,” Fox reports.

For what it’s worth, Mrs. Clinton’s office says the change was due to scheduling issues. Really? Canceling as the keynote speaker due to scheduling issues? If you’re the keynote speaker, this is what is on your schedule.

Clinton will now appear by satellite instead of in-person. 700 people were expected to attend. Clinton’s office says she changed plans because of scheduling issues.

She can only avoid the families of Benghazi victims for so longer before she has to begin appearing publicly again. The media certainly won’t ask about this issue since they’ve actively worked to derail the investigation.



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