Five more web entities okcupid and advocates of same-sex unions should boycott

Five more web entities okcupid and advocates of same-sex unions should boycott

By now, you’re probably aware that Brendan Eich, the CEO (now former CEO) of Mozilla, makers of the popular Firefox web browser, was forced out of his position for his views on traditional marriage. Eich was found guilty by the website okcupid, an online dating portal, for a $1,000 donation he made in 2008 to a group advocating for the passage of California’s Proposition 8.

Okcupid brought the issue to light by displaying a message to visitors using the Firefox web browser about two weeks ago after Eich was first named CEO. The message politely instructed them to find a new web browser since, with Eich at the helm, Mozilla had become an anti-gay organization in their view. Never mind that Eich had in no way imposed his personal views on the company nor made any public declarations in his official capacity as CEO. Never mind either that the same year an even more prominent leader publicly declared, “I believe marriage is between a man and a woman. I am not in favor of gay marriage.” The name of that leader was Barack Obama.

Eich’s actions were enough to mobilize the gestapo and give him the boot.

Based on this logic, okcupid will have to catch and display messages to a lot more people. Apparently, by this new standard, you’re not allowed to visit a website if it uses software or technology that was any way associated with or benefitted someone who believes in traditional marriage.

1. JavaScript

Most people are completely unaware that the most prevalent web programming language, JavaScript, was invented by none other than (drum roll) Brendan Eich. Every modern web browser interprets JavaScript and nearly every modern website, including okcupid, employs JavaScript as a web framework. I’d urge okcupid to stop every visitor who accesses the site with a browser that supports JavaScript and let them know how much hate they’re filled with. That would take care of at least 98.5% of all users and their anti-gay browsers.

2. Many Democratic Party websites

As noted earlier, it wasn’t that long ago, think May of 2012, that President Obama held the same views as Brendan Eich on the issue of gay marriage. In fact, both Hillary Clinton and Bill Clinton also held the same views. I’m assuming that visits originating from should receive a message noting the anti-gay stances held by a once, current, and would-be future president. If only Eich had “evolved” on the issue since 2008, maybe he’d still have his job. What’s worse? A private citizen donating cash to a political cause or a public official who constructs these terribly discriminatory policies? Clearly okcupid is afraid to take a stand.

3. Visitors with Intel-based computers

Since the news broke about Eich, it seems that he was not alone in Silicon Valley with regards to donations supporting and opposing Prop 8. According to records, 60% of donations from employees at Intel were to groups supporting the passage of proposition 8. That isn’t just a CEO but conceivably hundreds or thousands of employees from an outfit whose chips power a vast majority of the world’s desktop computers and server architecture. Most certainly anyone who has a desktop, laptop, or tablet powered an Intel chip should get a message from okcupid about how the microchips in their devices are anti-gay.

4. Hewlett-Packard computer users

Employees at Hewlett-Packard (HP) donated nearly 2 to 1 against proposition 8. However, those donating in favor of it spent far more money than opponents. Clearly this demonstrates a strong anti-gay streak within the company. Any user with a desktop, laptop, or tablet made by HP should certainly get a stern message. In fact, if you visit with an HP computer based on an Intel processor using the Firefox web browser, you are guilty of the three strike rule and should probably be imprisoned or sent to a re-education camp.

5. Their own pettiness

This issue isn’t a question of free speech. The First Amendment was meant to protect your speech and my speech from being censored or stifled by the government. Okcpuid has the right, as a private entity, to take issue with another private entity or citizen. However, that doesn’t make it right. nor does it make it acceptable. I am actually stunned that some citizens have the instant desire to stifle and destroy other citizens who hold opposing views. As a conservative, I can say that I disagree with much of what I hear from a lot of people, but I don’t see fit to have them fired or muzzled.

If Eich’s personal views on marriage were going to adversely affect his job performance at Mozilla, that’s for the board of directors to decide. Clearly he’s an expert in his field with vast talent that would suit any tech company. He rose to the position of CEO not because he’s anti-anything, but rather because he’s a visionary who helped make the web into what millions of people use every day.



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