Report: Tea Party is only racist on the inside

Report: Tea Party is only racist on the inside

Tea party racistIn October, the left-leaning group “Democracy Corps” published a report based on focus group findings from Greenberg Quinlan Rosner, about conservatives called, “Inside the GOP: Report on focus groups with Evangelical, Tea Party, and moderate Republicans.”

According to their website, Democracy Corps was founded in 1999 by James Carville and Stanley Greenberg. It “was born out of outrage over the impeachment of President Clinton” and “rededicated itself” after Al Gore lost the presidency in 2000.

The “findings” provide insight into the mind of the radical left.

While the report itself is ridiculous in that it starts with a false premise: “If you want to understand the government shutdown and crisis in Washington, you need to get inside the base of the Republican Party,” the report also found that the racist right wingers are not racist:

“We expected that in this comfortable setting or in their private written notes, some would make a racial reference or racist slur when talking about the African American President. None did.”

They “expected” racist comments.

Even though there were no racist sentiments displayed, the lefty authors stated that the reason for this was because:

“They know that is deeply non-PC and are conscious about how they are perceived.”

The authors continue to say:

“But focusing on that misses how central is race to the worldview of Republican voters. They have an acute sense that they are white in a country that is becoming increasingly “minority,” and their party is getting whooped by a Democratic Party that uses big government programs that benefit mostly minorities, create dependency and a new electoral majority. Barack Obama and Obamacare is a racial flashpoint for many Evangelical and Tea Party voters.”

Earlier this month, the incomparable Noah Rothman of Mediaite summarized this article in his title, “Dem Pollster Shocked to Find No Racism in Tea Partiers, So They Invent Some.” Rothman ironically writes,

“The capable naturalists at Democracy Corps are trained to recognize even the latent, recessive racism lingering deep within the Republican genome. Like the human coccyx, the vestigial prejudice in the GOP voter is betrayed when the subject is scrutinized by those with trained eyes.”

So let’s review. 1). The authors were expecting racist comments, 2.) No racist comments were made. 3.) The authors projected racism onto the conservatives anyway.

Sounds about right.

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