Military retiree excoriates Paul Ryan over budget deal, calls liberal Democrats an enemy to America

Military retiree excoriates Paul Ryan over budget deal, calls liberal Democrats an enemy to America

Chuck WootenAfter receiving a fundraising letter from Rep. Paul Ryan, R-Wisc., Chuck Wooten, a retired Air Force Chief Master Sergeant already upset over the budget deal that slashes cost-of-living raises for military retirees, fired off an open letter to the Wisconsin Republican telling him in no uncertain terms that he broke the trust of those who serve by aligning with liberal Democrats — a group Wooten called “an enemy to the American people and our Nation,” The Blaze reported Thursday.

In the letter Wooten wrote:

Please note that this request by you for a cash donation from me is extremely unfortunate and very ill-timed. You see sir, I am one of the military retirees your ‘bipartisan’ budget just impacted. You and every Republican (both in the House and Senate) that voted to pass this travesty betrayed and broke trust with me and everyone like me.

Wooten was just getting warmed up.

You may not know us by name, but we’re the people, Congressman, who answered our Nation’s call, some of us at a very early age to willingly serve YOU and others LIKE YOU so you could safely attend college and pursue your personal ambitions without fear of harm.

Wooten reminded Ryan of the bravery displayed every day by his “brothers-in-arms” who have answered the call of duty, “without fail, without complaint.”

And for that service, we were given absolute assurance our so-called retirement benefits would be protected by law. The very law you shattered in your zeal to impress your Democratic cohorts in your back room deal–with the enemy.

“Yes, I said it,” he added.  “The liberal Democrats are an enemy to the American people and our Nation.”

“By climbing into their bed on this issue, you have confirmed you are absolutely no better than they and have proven it with your vote,” he added.

“Your lack of judgment and eagerness to compromise on the backs of us who protected you is sickening,” he continued.

Wooten concluded by saying that neither Ryan nor other Republicans who supported the budget deal would see a penny of financial support from him.

“Remove me from your contact lists,” he demanded.

Wooten told The Blaze he was stunned by the “grand irony” of Ryan’s team asking for donations after crafting the so-called “grand deal” that cut retiree benefits.

“You’re picking my pocket and then you’re asking me for a handout,” he said.

Wooten made it clear he does not speak for the Air Force or the military in general, but shares the views held by many veterans who feel betrayed by Washington politicians.  He also told The Blaze he did not anticipate the attention his letter has received.

In addition to cutting benefits for retired military personnel, the budget deal left in place an IRS credit for illegal immigrants.

The Associated Press reported Thursday that Obama signed the budget deal while vacationing in Hawaii.



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Joe Newby

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