Guess which government tweeted this: ‘Media freedom is a serious mistake, in a vibrant democracy’

Guess which government tweeted this: ‘Media freedom is a serious mistake, in a vibrant democracy’

zimbabwe-100-billionFortunately, the tweet did not come from Obama’s creepy advocacy group, “Organizing for Action.” It did, however come from a brutal regime that is very much overlooked by the mainstream media.

This country experienced massive hyper-inflation after seizing farms belonging to white people, and has just put in place yet another law to seize all white and foreign-owned (particularly Chinese and Nigerian) businesses and give them to hand-picked “indigenous” people (read, “cronies”).

The businesses have until January 1, 2014 to register with the government. Those who do not comply face prison. Prison in this country is particularly dangerous, as this year alone, 100 inmates died of starvation, as reported just this week.

The Herald in this country reported that the Secretary for Youth, Indigenisation and Economic Empowerment, George Magosvongwe said,

“Government was in the process of identifying” indigenous people “who would take over ownership of those businesses in the particular sectors.”

Also reported just this week: It is alleged that this country was exposed in a “detailed report by the news and analysis website Africa Confidential,” who has

“claimed that ‘choice mining concessions,’ including concessions rich in platinum and gold, were handed to China and Russia in exchange for weapons.'”

If you have not yet guessed the country, it is Zimbabwe.

The official Twitter account of Zimbabwe President Robert Mugabe’s political party, the Zimbabwe African National Union – Patriotic Front, or “ZANU PF” sent the offensive tweet out on Thursday.

Zimbabwe caught my eye because it was reported today that Robert Mugabe referred to Nelson Mandela as a “great champion of the emancipation of the oppressed.” The irony is that it was also reported today that Zimbabwe asked the United Nations for a “bailout” in order to help them with their “sustainability” objectives, which include running “all government buildings on solar energy by 2015,” as reported at Tavern Keepers.

Asking for money is one thing (after all, isn’t that what radical leftist governments always do eventually?), but Zimbabwe’s proposal made it clear that it would be just dandy if those funds came in lieu of humanitarian aid. 

It was reported that the United Nations is fighting back! (Just kidding)

The Mail & Guardian reported that the United Nations is “reluctant to buy into the idea of reducing humanitarian assistance but also wants to maintain cordial relations with the government.”

Now, that is more like it.

In case your head is spinning with all the insanity, let’s summarize:

  • Zimbabwe is pimping out the people’s resources to Russia and China for weapons.
  • Zimbabwe is asking for money from the United Nations to help with “sustainability” goals, specifically proposing that the money can be taken from funds that would have otherwise provided humanitarian aid for her citizens.
  • Zimbabwe is seizing businesses belonging to white people and foreigners.
  • Zimbabwe is starving prisoners literally to death in her prisons.
  • Robert Mugabe’s political party believes that “Media freedom is a serious mistake, in a vibrant democracy,” and feels comfortable enough in this opinion to tweet it to the world.

As an aside, it should be noted that as I pointed out in an article at Tavern Keepers (in what I believe is an important and disturbing article about Hillary Clinton, if that entices you at all),

“…the Chinese government reportedly helped Robert Mugabe’s regime monitor internet traffic and phones calls in advance of the recent, and extremely dubious and disturbing election in Zimbabwe.”

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