Racial justice at the Justice Department? Not on Holder’s watch

Racial justice at the Justice Department? Not on Holder’s watch

Justice, schmustice. I make the laws around here.
Justice, schmustice. I make the laws around here.

It would be so easy for Attorney General Holder to make the ornery Christian Adams eat crow. Instead, Holder seems determined to prove him right.

Adams is the former Justice Department lawyer who told Congress that his colleagues treated cases of racial bias against white people with “open contempt.”

Most famous was the case of electoral intimidation against two members of the New Black Panther Party who brandished weapons and issued threats at a Philadelphia polling booth the day Barack Obama was elected president.

This is the same New Black Panther Party that issued a $10,000 reward for the capture of George Zimmerman George Zimmerman, dead or alive. The same party that said they wanted to mobilize 10,000 black men to bring Zimmerman to justice. “He should be fearful for his life,” said a party leader.

One of the 10,000 men, apparently, is Holder. This week, Holder told several national news outlets he was still trying to figure out how to indict Zimmerman for hate crimes — even though a jury found him not guilty of attempted murder.

But that hasn’t prevented Holder from trying for two years.

Adams documented the racial bias in the Department of Justice in his best-selling book, Injustice: Exposing the Racial Agenda of the Obama Justice Department. In it he wrote:

If Holder really were interested in enforcing civil rights laws for all Americans, he would be able to produce cases that shows he is doing just that. But he cannot. Because he is not.

There are plenty of recent cases of race-based violence that Holder could choose from. I have documented many of these in previous columns and countless more in my book, “White Girl Bleed a Lot,” which takes its name from an incident in Wisconsin in 2011 in which a black mob of between 50 and 100 looted a store, then savagely beat a handful of white people at a nearby park. At one point, one of the assailants stood over a white woman who lay on the ground seriously injured. “White girl bleed a lot,” the attacker observed with a grin. Then everyone had a good laugh.

Some of the hundreds of crimes detailed in my writings are hate crimes because they use the language mandated by hate crime laws. Some are not but are still explicitly racial. Either way, it is a target rich environment for a Justice Department that so far, seems oddly unwilling to follow federal hate crime laws — at least when the victims are white and the perpetrators are black.

Just like that ornery Christian Adams said.

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Colin Flaherty

Colin Flaherty

Colin Flaherty is the author of “White Girl Bleed a Lot: The return of racial violence and how the media ignore it” — a #1 Amazon bestseller. He has written for Los Angeles Times, NPR, Court TV, FrontPage Magazine, and WND.


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