How buggy is Obamacare website? So buggy that even error page has error

How buggy is Obamacare website? So buggy that even error page has error

404 errorIt could be a question on “Jeopardy” under the category “Things that Shouldn’t Exist.” The answer: “It’s so full of glitches that the errors have errors.” The question: “What is Obamacare?”

The Obama administration is outdoing itself in incompetence with the launch of its online health insurance marketplace notes Twitchy, which adds:

For some Obamacare shoppers visiting, the ‘Success URL’ is a blank white page, login attempts return an ‘unexpected error,’ and the identity verification process is pretty sure you’re dead.

Even after it was taken offline for ‘improvements,’ many found week two of worse than week one.

This week, 404care truly earned its nickname: For some shoppers, even the ‘server down’ webpage returns a ‘404 Not Found’ message. That’s right, the page letting you know is broken … is broken….

Amazingly embarrassing for President Obama. And amazingly frustrating for Americans forced to seek new insurance after Obamacare forced insurers to dump them.

Evidence of the growing frustration can be found on Twitter. Here are a few examples of what people are saying:

Tobi Mayo @RevieloutionneOh man ‘s “server down” page just 404’d on me that is so gloriously inept it circles back to amazing.

I Know Nothing @HilliardPatriotTried to log into , wait then go to “server down” page, which is #404  

Hahaha, can’t even log into the  website…days later. What a joke. “Serverdown.html not found.”


LU Staff

LU Staff

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