drops pretense of objectivity, said site is what ‘progressives have been waiting for’ drops pretense of objectivity, said site is what ‘progressives have been waiting for’

The old order: MSNBC's previous "Lean Forward" campaign
The old order: MSNBC’s previous “Lean Forward” campaign

For years, conservatives have known that MSNBC, the official “network of insane liberal hate,” is little more than a propaganda outlet for the radical left.  For a while this weekend, proved conservatives right when it openly called itself a “progressive” site.

The Daily Caller said Saturday that visitors to the website saw a splash screen that let them decide where they wanted to go.

The left half of the page was labeled “for breaking news and reporting from NBC News,” while the right-hand side of the page was dedicated to those who wanted a sneak peak at the “new” MSNBC, saying it was “what progressives have been waiting for.”

Clearly, MSNBC had dropped any pretense at objectivity.

The splash screen was ultimately removed, but as of Sunday morning, those who choose to see the “new” MSNBC were given the opportunity to provide their email address so they can be notified when the site is officially launched. Beyond that point, visitors could “explore” issues, watch video, “join in the conversation with the progressive community” and “speak out and make your voice heard.”


Once inside, visitors were treated to a number of stories apparently chosen for their appeal to liberals.

As my esteemed colleague Howard Portnoy observed earlier Sunday, it’s no secret that MSNBC is little more than a propaganda outlet for the Obama administration:

As for the “secret” that MSNBC leans not just forward but left, White House Principal Deputy Press Secretary Josh Earnest blew the network’s cover in December 2012, when several of its hosts — including Rachel Maddow, Lawrence O’Donnell, and the aforementioned Sharpton — were invited to the White House to confab with the president in re the fiscal cliff.

Twitter users also noticed the change, and commented appropriately.

“At least @msnbc isn’t trying to hide it anymore,” one person tweeted.

“Not much point in pretending, I guess,” another person said in response.

Another person asked if the splash page was real.

“OMG, it is,” she tweeted after going to the site.

In late August, TV Newser said the network is continuing to lose its audience and was down 28 percent in total viewers from last August.



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Joe Newby

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