Armed robbery thwarted by potential victims

Armed robbery thwarted by potential victims

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Two misguided Virginia men decided to commit an armed robbery but clearly picked the wrong house. Their robbery did not go quite as planned, as the would-be victims fought back.

Charlottesville NBC affiliate WVIR reported today that “both suspects have severe injuries to their faces, but the victims — we’re told — are doing just fine.”

Johnny Calderon, 19, and Gerald Allen, 18, were taken to the hospital, then arrested and charged after they were roughed up by University of Virginia students who held the two until police arrived.

Calderon (left) faced four charges, “two for attempted robbery, one for pointing a firearm and one for using a firearm in the commission of a felony. Allen is “facing a pair of attempted robbery charges.”

Annoyingly, the article notes, “Police say they do not encourage victims to take matters into their own hands.” These young men had a gun. They are the intruders and the students did call the police. The armed robbery could have had a much different ending.

Should the students have offered the men with a gun a cup of tea instead?

A teacher who responded in the “comments” section said:

This is sad, and many are applauding. But as a teacher, these are human beings that needed help, and we as a community are failing our youth. Yes, they should be punished and should pay for their poor choices. But these comments are killing what many of us in education are trying to do with our youth. Build them up and support ALL of them when they are young. For these boys, it’s late, but they need help, and knowing their families, they will need it, too. I’m very glad the UVa students were not injured, and were able to take care of themselves, and that the boys did not choose someone less able to do so. I’m praying for ALL involved.

While the teacher seems to have her heart in the right place, she opined, “We as a community are failing our youth.” True. We are failing our youth by not demanding accountability for “poor choices.” Bringing a gun to a family home and attempting an armed robbery is not a “poor choice,” it is a criminal act.

It was heartening to see that this teacher’s misguided comment received 59 “dislikes.”

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