Manufacturing racism: The Oberlin College race hoax

Manufacturing racism: The Oberlin College race hoax

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Dylan Bleier is one of two students who were quietly removed from Oberlin College “for allegedly circulating virulently racist, anti-Jewish and anti-gay messages around campus,” as reported yesterday by Chuck Ross of the Daily Caller. Bleier did not commit these actions to be racist, but seemingly to prove racism exists. He is a big, fat lefty.

But the most egregious part of this particular race hoax is that the college administration and the police knew who did it, but allowed the myth to continue. Cornell University law professor William Jacobson “tracked the Oberlin story” on Legal Insurrection.

Jacobson writes:

School officials and local police knew the identity of the culprits, who were responsible for most if not all of such incidents on campus, yet remained silent as the campus reacted as if the incidents were real.  National media attention focused on campus racism at Oberlin for weeks without knowing it was a hoax.

Where is Oberlin president Marvin Krislov on this? Oberlin College students should demand answers.

The story of the now-known-to-be-fake racism on Oberlin’s campus was covered by the New York Times, Slate, CNN, Time, and the Huffington Post. Will those stories be updated?

The tactic is not new, nor is it uncommon.

The Tea Party, for example, was often “infiltrated” by those who sought to “prove” racism exists at Tea Party events. Completely ignoring the numerous anti-Semitic incidents at Occupy Wall Street events, these infiltrators were often cited by the mainstream media as Tea Party activists.

Several incidents of “racism” cited by the mainstream media at the Republican National Convention last year turned out to be fake, or at least highly suspicious.

In one of these incidents, RNC attendees threw peanuts at a CNN camera woman, saying “This is how we feed animals.” The scandal started via a tweet by David Shuster, who now works for Al Jazeera America. The victim, Patricia Carroll, said that she was not surprised that the incident occurred. At the time, this author smelled a rat and predicted that the infiltrators… ahem… perpetrators would not be identified. And they never were.

Michelle Malkin wrote about the Oberlin College hoax for the National Review today.

She said it best:

Sad to say, this is the sorry state of liberal-arts colleges in America today: Extreme identity politics, multiculturalism, and pedagogical self-indulgence are creating a generation of race trolls enabled by tenured cultural-Marxist punks raking in beaucoup bucks. The bursting of the higher-ed bubble can’t come fast enough.

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