PC MPs at Fort Hood let Hasan kill 14 Trayvons

PC MPs at Fort Hood let Hasan kill 14 Trayvons

nidal hasan2Destructive and deadly political correctness masks truths inconvenient to the message and agenda of liberal Democrats in domestic, economic, foreign, and homeland security policies.

Major Nidal Hasan, not the actual military police on the ground at Fort Hood, is responsible for his Islamist jihad terror-inspired mass murder that took place there on November 5, 2009.

And no, we don’t make any morally-equivalency judgment between Hasan’s 14 obviously innocent victims in Texas and the African-American teen that fell in Florida last year at the jury-concluded self-defense hands of a “White” Hispanic.

But political correctness played a role in the lead up to both incidents as well as the before-and-after press coverage of each. In fact, there is hardly an area of American life, circa. AD 2013, that is immune to the insidious obfuscation of the English language for the purpose of protecting liberal-Democrat lies and the inconvenient truths that utterly refute their PC policy .

Political correctness allowed a known un-patriotically-vocal advocate for Muslim jihad to remain a major in the U.S. Army until the day of his “work-place-related-incident”. PC refuses to label obvious acts of Islamist terror as such, lest anyone dare conclude that white Evangelical Christian men in the South are less of a threat to national security as “oppressed minorities”. (We actually do not favor a special fund for government payments to the families of the victims of terrorism, which is the only legal consequence of such labeling, and haven’t since the post-9/11 law instituting same, but I digress.)

Is the U.S. military really better off, and American security itself enhanced, when:

  • NASA’s main mission is deemed to be “Muslim outreach” rather than reaching for the stars;
  • TSA treats octogenarian women in wheel chairs as equally suspected to be suicide bombers as young men;
  • The Joint Chiefs declare climate change the greatest threat to U.S. national security;
  • FBI guidelines make surreptitious counter-terrorism more difficult inside mosques than in any other religious or non-religious institution;
  • Gays and lesbians are invited to be asked and to tell of their romantic liaisons in the barracks;
  • Army, Navy, Air Force and Marine chaplains are required to perform same-sex marriages;
  • Only Jesus-free God talk is allowed on military bases;
  • Increasing numbers of female cadets serving on aircraft carriers return pregnant from overseas;
  • Increasing numbers of women in the armed forces claim to have been raped by fellow male soldiers, sailors, airmen and marines, with courts-martial following the usual civilian trial patterns of high acquittal rates; only to have high command succumb to lowering standards that will allow more females to serve in close quarters with men in combat positions on the war front?

We think not.

The PC police averts its eyes from the chronic and prolific big city-American black-on-black murder rate, while contemplating federal criminal civil rights (de facto double jeopardy) indictments of even such faux Caucasians such as George Zimmerman, lest any persuadable voter (with or without a photo ID) think they don’t still live in the Jim Crow-South circa AD 1959 or even antebellum (slave-nation) America writ large.

The PC police casts self- and historical America-loathing liberal white Democrats as the designated “offended” when confronted by Washington (slave owner) Redskins or Jefferson-named (slave owner) elementary or high schools. It celebrates contemporary Jeantell-approved “nigga” (as opposed to “real” racist  N-words ending in -er) spouting-rappers while condemning to Hell as racists, Obama-masked white rodeo clowns and Southern white ladies that last used real racist N-words 30 years ago.

PCers at the Department of “Just-Us” refuse to prosecute billy club-wielding New Black Panthers intimidating white voters in Philly, while branding as 21st Century-Bull Connors any red state that insists voters show the same identification required to buy Winstons, Salems and Newports.

Common sense is so labeled because it is supposed to be a given for all minimally competent sentient beings raised on obvious truths. Then came the juxtaposition of an affluent Baby-Boomer society and the 1960s training of cultural liberals to run academia, Hollywood, the press and the Country (the latter when Democrats control the levers of power in Washington, D.C.). And speaking of common sense, what happened to it when:

  • Shame for immorality and sloth were banned from polite public discourse;
  • Diversity and tolerance, moored only to skin color and sexual anatomy, replaced substantive character content;
  • Foreign policy favors Muslim Brotherhoods that treat women as chattel slaves and burn Coptic Christian churches;
  • Illegal immigrants must be referred to as merely undocumented;
  • We dumb deviancy down and abide Clinton bimbo eruptions, exhibitionist-Weiner mayoral candidacies, as well as riots and murders justified by videos, cartoons and mishandlings of Korans that Muslims deem offensive;
  • Fix normal boy behavior with Ritalin;
  • Replace abortion and even choice with “women’s health”; and
  • The press, and even John McCain, ape see, hear and speak-no-evil-Monkeys when reminded that our re-elected Chief Executive counted as pals: Rev. Jeremiah G-D America Wright, Terrorist Bill Ayers, and Rev. Louis Super-racist Farrakhan.

Politically correct lies prevent America from solving any problem unless one deems our problem to be too few liberal Democrats in Washington looting our wealth, preventing the creation or more wealth and spreading around what wealth existed before they arrived in the Age of Obama.

Recently, Washington Redskins QB, Robert Griffin III complained about the “tyranny of political correctness” he believes is “holding American culture hostage”. We agree and to be free of this Obamanation only…

“The truth (and a Grand-er Old Party) will set you free.” – Jesus (Republican-conservatively paraphrased)

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“One man with courage makes a majority.” – Andrew Jackson

Mike DeVine

Mike DeVine

Mike DeVine is a former op-ed columnist at the Charlotte Observer and legal editor of The (Decatur) Champion (legal organ of DeKalb County, Georgia). He is currently with the Ruf Law Firm in Atlanta Metro and conservative voice of the Atlanta Times News.


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