Zimmerman Derangement Syndrome and its leftist enablers

Zimmerman Derangement Syndrome and its leftist enablers

Zimmerman for target practiceGranted, it’s only been a week and a half since the verdict in the George Zimmerman murder trial was read: It is possible that in time, cooler heads will prevail (or that a new victim will emerge as the next cause célèbre). Then again, it’s only been a week, and look how much has happened: The president of the United States delivered an “extemporaneous” speech on race so memorable that Newsweek’s Eleanor Clift predicted it is “going to be read by future generations.”

The U.S. attorney general has pledged a crusade to overturn a body of law that in no way impacted the case, and the nation’s leading race hucksters and black entertainers have called for a boycott of the state of Florida.

In case you thought there was any chance that the irrational hatred for George Zimmerman was abating, think again. So intense is the desire for revenge among misguided blacks that some have taken to leveling death threats not just at Zimmerman but at members of his family. So out of control has the whole “No justice, no peace” movement become that a hapless family whose car overturned now fear reprisals because their rescuer happened to be George Zimmerman.

Of course, the angry hordes are getting their cue from abettors in leftist talk radio. Jack Coleman at Newsbusters notes that Zimmerman’s act of heroism has precipitated a whole outbreak of Zimmerman Derangement Syndrome. Consider this gem from Bill Press:

Well, I would hope that if you come across a car accident that anybody, even a murderer, would get out and help them out, right? Not get out and kick them in the teeth or something. But so, two questions I have about this … Number one, what does it matter that he helped somebody out of a car? Doesn’t erase the fact that he shot and killed Trayvon Martin, right?

Putting aside the gratuitous insult — Zimmerman was acquitted of murder — one could easily turn Press’s question on its head and ask: The fact that Zimmerman shot and killed Trayvon Martin doesn’t erase the fact that he rescued a family of four, right?

Libtalker Stephanie Miller offers up equally silly pablum in efforts to diminish Zimmerman’s actions, but the bottom line is the same. If she had been in a car that flipped over and George Zimmerman had offered to help, would she have turned down the offer?

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Howard Portnoy

Howard Portnoy

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