Islamic Jihadists sentenced in UK terror plot: Nail bomb, shotguns to be used

Islamic Jihadists sentenced in UK terror plot: Nail bomb, shotguns to be used

article-1286784-0A0B5AD5000005DC-569_634x410Patriots shouted “God Save the Queen!” Muslims shouted “Allahu Akbar!”

Six Jihadists were sentenced to various prison terms for their collective plot to launch a bloody terrorist attack upon the British patriotic organization, the English Defence League (EDL), as reported by the Belfast Telegraph.

Omar Mohammed Khan, 31, Jewel Uddin, 27, and Zohaib Ahmed, 22, were sentenced to 19 and a half years in prison with a five-year extended licence period (the British version of probation) for their part in the planned slaughter.

Mohammed Hasseen, 24, Anzal Hussain, 25 and Mohammed Saud, 23, were given sentences of 18 years, 9 months along with an extended licence period of five years.

All six previously please guilty to the charges on April 30 of this year.

According to the Telegraph, the Jihadis planned on attacking an EDL demonstration at Dewsbury, West Yorkshire, England during June of last year.

The would-be terrorists hadn’t designed a standard-issue English street brawl with the EDL, but an attack on their unarmed adversaries with shotguns, swords, knives and a nail bomb. When apprehended by police, they also were in possession of a partially assembled pipe bomb.

Upon announcement of the sentence, EDL leader Tommy Robinson and his deputy, Kevin Carroll, called out “God save the Queen” from the public gallery. Supporters of the defendants shouted the Islamist war cry of  “Allahu Akbar.”

What Is The EDL…?

Routinely referred to by the mainstream British media as racists and far right-wing extremists, the EDL began as a response to Muslims protesting British troops of the Royal Anglian Regiment returning home from Iraq in 2009.

The demonstrators were members of the group Muslims Against the Crusades, who chanted at the soldiers that they would burn in hell and accused them of being “butchers” and “murderers.”

The same group has also sung the praises of the 9/11 attackers who killed 3,000 Americans in 2001.

In spite of the branding as extremists by the press, the EDL states on its official website the following examples of a few of their principles and goals:

  • We are an inclusive movement dedicated to peacefully protesting against Islamic extremism.
  • We want the Muslim community to make serious efforts to counter extremism.
  • We want an open and honest debate about Islamic extremism; about what we can do to stop it, and about what causes it.
  • Radical Islam has a stranglehold on the Muslim community in Britain: controlling Muslim organisations and mosques, encouraging segregation and allowing extremism to grow.
  • The result is that British Muslims do not believe that they have any responsibility to combat extremism.
  • British Muslims need to recognise that being part of this country means embracing freedom and democracy, and rejecting extremism.
  • British Muslims need to stop being apologists for extremism, and instead lend their support to counter-extremism organisations.
T. Kevin Whiteman

T. Kevin Whiteman

T. Kevin Whiteman is a retired Master Sergeant of Marines. He has written for Examiner, Conservative Firing Line, and other blogs.


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