Strange perversion: Men shelled out money to watch scantily clad fat woman eat

Strange perversion: Men shelled out money to watch scantily clad fat woman eat

Donna Simpson HorizontalIn one of the most bizarre fetishes to come along, male viewers got their jollies watching a barely clothed, morbidly obese Ohio mother eat junk food.

The web cam business didn’t make 46-year-old Donna Simpson rich — she reports earning only around $12,000 a year.

But she was able to support herself and her two children. In any case, online show biz is now history for Simpson, who threw in the napkin earlier this year.

Donna Simpson VerticalMalaysia Chronicle reports that Simpson’s business attire was “a skimpy bra top and underwear,” and a typical feed included ice cream, cookies, fried chicken, and peanut butter. For the pleasure of watching her shovel down a typical 15,000-calorie-a-day spread, her mostly male viewers ponied up $12 a month.

Says Simpson:

It was just seeing someone of my size eating that was a turn-on for these men. The fuller my belly, the sexier I was. Some men would even pay for my food.

At her “peak,” Simpson tipped the scale ay a hefty 600 pounds, prompting the Guinness World Records to confer upon her the title “World’s Heaviest Mother.”

Simpson notes that she always struggled with a weight problem, claiming that she was bullied in school. “My classmates would moo when I was around. They called me a cow. I was also called other names like ‘Fatty four eyes’.”

Then in 2006, she met Philippe Gouamba in a chatroom for big women, and her life changed, albeit not entirely for the better. Gouamba would take photos of her in bikinis. That progressed to videos of her while eating at a buffet. Finally, he proposed that she strut her stuff online and begin getting paid for her sexy modeling. Says Simpson, looking back:

Donna Simpson Horizontal 2

I did it all for him. I didn’t feel comfortable at all. It was very strange for me and I didn’t enjoy it. But it was good money.

I was constantly eating and made sure I didn’t walk around much so that I could gain weight.

I thought it would be an achievement to be proud of.

She now requires a mobility scooter to get around.

But that’s just one downside of her former career as an internet sensation. “I didn’t like the way I was living my life,” she says, “adding:

I finally decided to leave Philippe to start a new life. Philippe was someone who used me to live out his fetish fantasies. I would never date someone like him again.

She is now working to lose weight. “I want my children to lead a better life,” she says, “so I have to live a healthier lifestyle and be able to perform simple tasks like taking a shower.”

“I am definitely serious about changing. I even go to the gym, where I walk around in the hot water pool.” And it is beginning to show. Her weight is now down to 497 pounds.

One of the ways she now supports her family is by taking part in a Japanese reality show, which is yet to be aired. She laughs when she talks about her Asian following, observing that when she visited Japan in 2010, she was unprepared for the reception she received. People went out of their way to give her gifts. She says: “It’s nice to receive nice comments among all the hate mail.”

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