Richard Wolffe ignorantly pulls the race card

Richard Wolffe ignorantly pulls the race card

Last evening, Mediaite had a clip of MSNBC’s Richard Wolffe saying Republicans tend to focus on the non-white members of the Obama Administration for criticism:

What you’re seeing here is a war-by-proxy on the president, which is why he said ‘if you want to come after me, come after me. And it always just happens to be people of color who are working alongside him. Whether it’s Eric Holder, at the center of another vast, completely unfounded conspiracy, or Valerie Jarrett – apparently completely unqualified to exercise any power whatsoever, or Van Jones who is really some kind of crazy, kooky Communist.

For the sake of brevity, I’ll ignore the ferocious attacks Condoleeza Rice and Alberto Gonzales took from liberals under President Bush, and how Justice Clarence Thomas, Herman Cain, Rep. Allen West, and other non-white conservatives have been lambasted over the decades merely for their political viewpoints.

What Wolffe is missing are the facts surrounding criticisms of the Administration. Here are a few of them:

  • Fast & Furious isn’t exactly a small thing. While Attorney General Holder was found innocent of knowing about the gunwalking involved by the Inspector General of the DOJ, 14 of his subordinates were recommended for various forms of review. And let’s not forget that hundreds of guns were involved, and many Mexican citizens were killed, and at least one American Border Patrol Agent.
  • Van Jones was for a decade an avowed, active Communist, according to PolitiFact. He also was, in the last decade, a public 9/11 Truther. Yeah — no kookiness there.
  • Secretary Timothy Geithner, a white guy, has been hammered even prior to arriving in his position, for tax evasion. And recently, he has received much criticism for wanting to essentially eliminate the debt ceiling.
  • White guy Larry Summers was a constant target of criticism.
  • Senior Adviser David Axelrod has been hammered throughout Obama’s presidency.
  • Former GOP Member of Congress and white man Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood has been hit with withering attacks by Michelle Malkin.
  • And who can forget HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius, the founder of the HHS Mandate?

This post took about 15 minutes to write — I could keep going, but is there really a need? Wolffe is either ignorant or misleading his viewers. Either way, his statement is both offensive and outrageous, as you can see below.


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