New Australian ‘Stay in School’ PSA has a dynamite ending

New Australian ‘Stay in School’ PSA has a dynamite ending

A new Australian public service announcement encouraging kids to stay in school has some shocked and appalled, while others claim it’s “effective.” Needless to say it’s generating a lot of buzz on the web,  and after you watch the Youtube video you will definitely understand why.

The online PSA is allegedly produced by the “Learn for Life Foundation of Western Australia.” The video was uploaded to Youtube on Tuesday and shows at least two teenaged couples ditching school. They climb into a van, shed their school uniforms and head to a pristine beach.

The video shows them playing around in the waves at the beach, drinking a few brews, and believing life is good. Needless to say they are in for a dynamite surprise, as is the case for anyone watching the video.

After the action ceases, the message — “This is what happens when you slack off. Stay in school” — appears.

It’s not immediately known if the video, titled “Set yourself free,” is authentic, but it’s gone viral with almost 6.4 million views as of this writing.

Joseph L. Parker

Joseph L. Parker

Joseph L. Parker has written for Conservative Firing Line, the magazine Grace and Mercy, and has published over 550 articles for the Examiner.

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