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Denver Post doubles down on left-leaning bias, calls Phil Robertson, fans haters

Joanne Ostrow of the Denver Post

Joanne Ostrow of the Denver Post

Joanne Ostrow of the Denver Post

Joanne Ostrow of the Denver Post

The Denver Post, which scrubbed the word socialist from its earlier description of the Arapahoe High School shooter as a “very opinionated Socialist,” has dropped the pretense of being an impartial news source for the second time in two weeks. Noel Sheppard of Newsbusters writes that he Post’s television critic, Joanne Ostrow, published a post at her blog Saturday branding Phil Robertson, the controversial star of “Duck Dynasty,” as a “hate-speech spewer” and further defaming fans of the show “hate-watchers”:

The feathers are no longer flying. For now, the “Duck Dynasty” debacle is settled. The network, A&E, has welcomed patriarch and hate-speech spewer Phil Robertson back into the fold. The hiatus that was to be his punishment for homophobic and racist comments made in a GQ interview has been lifted.


A&E, which seized the moment to attract more viewers (fans and hate-watchers, both), proved that money is the first priority in TV programming. The network wins the craven capitalism prize.

Sarah Palin and other politicians who piled on, claiming Christianity as an excuse for hate speech, win the hypocrisy award. I’m no theologian, but vile bigoted comments would seem to qualify as unchristian. [Emphasis added]

Speaking of piling on, Ostrow wastes no opportunity condemning people she has never met (the “hate-watchers”), which is about as overt an act of bigotry and prejudice as it is possible to commit. You would not be wholly unjustified in wondering, as Brandon Amrosino does in a thoughtful essay at TIME on the “Duck Dynasty”/GLAAD kerfuffle, how many people who waded into the controversy bothered to read the interview with Robertson in GQ. Is Ostrow one of them? I would be surprised if the answer were yes.

The paper that she writes for meantime is so sensitive to offending its predominantly liberal readership that it can’t risk publishing the word socialist.

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