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Air Force cadets no longer required to say ‘So help me God’ in oath of honor

Air Force cadetsThe Associated Press reports that the Air Force Academy has made it official. Cadets are no longer required to say “So help me God” at the end of the Oath of Honor. The oath is taken upon entry to the academy after boot camp.

Following a complaint by the Military Religious Freedom Foundation, an advocacy group, school officials confirmed Friday that the words are now optional.

Academy Superintendent Lt. Gen. Michelle Johnson says the change was made to respect cadets’ freedom of religion.

The oath states, ‘We will not lie, steal or cheat, nor tolerate among us anyone who does. Furthermore, I resolve to do my duty and to live honorably, so help me God.’

The school outside Colorado Springs has approximately 4,000 cadets. Upon graduation, they enter the Air Force with the commission of second lieutenant.

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  • rbj

    If someone doesn’t believe in God then I’d rather they not swear to God. If they are forced to lie when they are promising to be honest, well that just makes my head spin. Not enough coffee yet.

    However, the atheists are not content with an accommodation for their beliefs. They want “so help me God” out for everyone. It’s not about the rest of us giving them space, it’s them taking over our space and kicking God out of everything.

  • Pete

    So help me God on the end of AF & all Military oaths has been optional since before the 70’s. This is all politics and ego running around. I really have to wonder if the US press ever researches anything before they publish.