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TSA forces Marine who lost both legs in combat to stand up and walk

airport wheelchairMaybe the Transportation Security Administration has ventured into the realm of faith healing. That might explain why a Marine who lost both legs in a roadside bombing was singled out at a TSA checkpoint and told to rise out of his wheelchair and walk.

The Army Times reports that Rep. Duncan Hunter (D-Calif.) is demanding answers from TSA Administrator John Pistole.

On Monday Hunter wrote Pistole regarding the incident, which occurred in Phoenix on March 13. The Marine in question was traveling with other injured and recovering troops and has “limited to no mobility.” Hunter wrote:

These Marines had an unfortunate experience, which is worthy of your attention and any explanation you can provide. I would like to know the process for screening individuals in this or similar situations.

Hunter noted that photos taken at the scene showed the Marine removing his prostheses for inspection by the TSA, reattaching them, and then heading to a second screening area where he again was asked to stand.

According to TSA regulations, all amputees with artificial limbs are required to pass through a full-body scanner, receive a pat-down and be swabbed  for explosives. The TSA maintains that the extra security measures are needed to ensure that “all individuals are screened appropriately,” adding that wounded troops are not required to remove their prosthetics.

In this particular instance the Marine had an escort, but the system failed when the escort and the group initially were directed to the wrong screening checkpoint. Yet, Hunter counters that no TSA officers stepped to offer assistance:

I would like to know what discretion a TSA officer has in this situation as well as the ability of TSA officers to assist an individual [moving] between screening locations, especially if the individual is unable to walk or move on his or her own.

The TSA has released a written statement that reads:

We are doing our best to learn more about this situation. TSA works to facilitate the screening of injured and wounded service members with dignity and respect…. In the coming days, TSA will expand the Wounded Warriors Screening program to offer PreCheck, or expedited screening, to this group of veterans.

Our current policies and procedures focus on ensuring that all passengers, regardless of their personal situations and needs, are treated equally and with the dignity, respect and courtesy they deserve.

Yet, the agency has a less-than-stellar record dealing with passengers confined to wheelchairs and/or afflicted with other medical problems.

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  • leewacker

    An outlaw organization run by outlaws! These two incidents are by far two of the most egregious situations I have ever heard about—the worst was the little three-year-old in the wheelchair! If the filthy muslims can scoot through on the pretext of their faux “religion,” then our disabled have NO reason to be hindered in any way, shape or form!
    ALL the TSA agents should have, not only sensitivity lessons, but perhaps a degree in psychology?
    Even their own experiments show these dolts are NOT doing their jobs properly!

  • Bambucha

    Ignorance may be forgivable; stupidity is not. Stupidity should be repaid as painfully as possible.

  • Cerberus

    Amputees with prosthetic limbs required to go through full-body scanning? This forced exposure to radiation is another insult to their health. If screening were applied fairly across the board, it might be justified. However, if Muslims are given a pass, then these already injured people should not be required to undergo radiation that they might otherwise opt to not have, as other travelers can choose. Does anyone know if this TSA program is actually doing any good?

  • fistdeyuma

    We can thank Bush and the Congress for this BS. I understand the panic after 9/11 but TSA would not have stopped a single one of the hijackers using the laws of the time. I knew we were being sold a bill of goods when the Democrats demanded it be a Union shop. Trillions of wasted money for no real effect. All that was really needed is bomb detection and way to prevent anyone from getting to the cockpit.

    • Howard Portnoy

      You’re quite right. This atrocity is Bush’s doing. Ditto for the Dept of Homeland Security, the TSA’s parent, which is equally useless.

      • fistdeyuma

        You cannot put the blame solely on Bush. In order to get the Democrats on board he had to agree to the forced union and other restrictions that changed a good idea into this mess. Nevertheless Bush should have saw it coming and fought a lot harder.
        Bush worked hard to be nice to people who see nice as a weakness to be taken advantage of. Still someone with a good if misguided heart is better than the big is good so bigger is even better Government we have now, aka Bush X4.
        You have to love Obama’s excuse for failure this time. Bush moving into Iraq proved that we should do nothing instead.
        I once did an essay on how nations often learn the wrong lessen from a lost cause. This is especially had when where the enemy tends to see what they did wrong, even when winning. A study of the France and German war in 1870’s is a classic example where France tossed what was working because they lost the war, and Germany adapted to the same tech because it almost cost them a battle.
        Also the EU nations ignored the bloody cost of our civil war, making it so their wars was even bloodier.