Protesters are being trained to take over buildings and assault cops, across the country

Protesters are being trained to take over buildings and assault cops, across the country
Pro-Hamas demonstration at George Mason University

Students participating in the Gaza Solidarity Encampments at universities across the country are being trained to take over buildings and assault cops, reports The Free Press:

Many of the [training] manuals, which are being shared via phone group chats with students across the country, encourage “militancy” and instruct protesters to break laws, seize buildings, vandalize them, and then use tactics to evade police detection and arrest. One guide, called “De-arrest Primer,” teaches protesters to physically resist arrest or, in some cases, assault police officers or throw projectiles at them to protect fellow “comrades” from arrest. “Each de-arrest,” the guide states, “is a micro-intifada which can spread and inspire others until we may finally shake off this noxious ruling order all together.”

Another manual, called the “The Do-It-Yourself Occupation Guide,” contains detailed diagrams on how to break into buildings using tools like crowbars, clamps, metal cables, chains, bolt cutters, and a miniature saw known as an angle grinder.

The Guide explains: “Use an angle grinder to cut through locks, bolts and chains…Use bolt cutters to clip padlocks, lock boxes, of fencing…Use the straighter end of a crowbar to pry open windows and doors…” The Guide was shared by Columbia protesters who broke into Columbia University’s Hamilton Hall:

Instructions show how to barricade doors with “heavy furniture,” create a “shield” against police using trash cans, ropes, sheets of cardboard, or a “corrugated metal banner,” and to pick locks using a “technique” developed by “firemen and criminals.” “If these less-destructive methods don’t work,” the guide states, “more aggressive options are abundant,” such as using a crowbar to “open a window.”

Many of these techniques were employed by Columbia students on Tuesday night when they stormed Hamilton Hall, an administrative building at the heart of the university. Protesters smashed through the windows of the hall’s main door with hammers and used metal chains to lock them shut. After cops arrested 119 people on the Ivy League campus, they discovered multiple glass doors had been broken and barricaded using chairs, refrigerators, and vending machines, according to NYPD’s Deputy Commissioner Tarik Sheppard.

Three of the guides encourage college protesters to erase the distinction “between students and non-students.” Of the 282 people arrested on Tuesday night between Columbia and the City College of New York, 48 percent were not affiliated with either university, according to the NYPD.

New York City’s mayor, Eric Adams, called attention to this problem at a May 1 press conference. “There is a movement to radicalize young people. This is a global problem. And young people are being influenced by those who are professionals at radicalizing our children,” he said.

The Free Press story can be found at this link:

It’s titled “The ‘Micro-Intifada’: How American Protesters Are Being Trained in Militancy.”

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