Microsoft is adding an AI button to PC keyboards, its first major change in three decades

Microsoft is adding an AI button to PC keyboards, its first major change in three decades
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Microsoft is doubling down on its commitment to artificial intelligence “with the introduction of a new keyboard key dedicated specifically to the company’s Windows Copilot. The first update to the Windows PC keyboard in almost 30 years, the Copilot key will be available on laptops and desktop keyboards from Microsoft’s OEM partners beginning in February,” reports Yahoo Finance:

“Pressing the key will bring up Copilot, allowing you to search for content on the web, as well as for your own content and for general PC features via the app’s generative AI functionality. The idea is for Copilot to function as a kind of smart assistant that you can pull up at any time. While Microsoft didn’t announce any specific partners that will launch with the Copilot key, it said that companies should begin unveiling desktops and laptops equipped with the feature in the coming days. We’ll also get an up-close look at the capability at CES 2024, which kicked off Jan. 9.

By getting its hardware partners to add a Copilot key to their laptops and desktops, Microsoft is showing that it believes generative AI is inextricable from the future of personal computing. The last time Microsoft added a new keyboard key was when it debuted the Windows key in 1994.

A recently-invented farming robot uses artificial intelligence to kill 100,000 weeds per hour. Drones are making farming much easier for some farmers, including drones that have artificial intelligence. These drones can spray herbicides, fungicides and insecticides far more cheaply and efficiently than can be done by many small farmers pulling a tank with their tractor.

Artificial intelligence is also building highly-effective antibodies to fight disease.  And in Hungary, doctors are using artificial intelligence to detect cases of breast cancer more effectively, enabling them to remove such cancers before they can metastasize and kill women.

Science News reports that artificial intelligence could enable us to talk to animals.

Doctors recently used a surgical robot to carry out incredibly complicated spinal surgery. Doctors also recently did the first robotic liver transplant in America. Korean restaurants are increasingly using robot waiters. A U.S. restaurant chain is using robots to speed up service.

Hans Bader

Hans Bader

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