Cartoon of the Day: Eye to Eye

Systemic Racism vs Systemic Marxism

Systemic Racism is something you hear thrown around a lot lately, used mainly to bully society into subverting the Constitution and attacking meritocracy without little evidence that it actually exists.
A Black president elected twice, countless Black police officers and state and local Black officials hired across America beg to differ with that hypothesis.
Many feel it is nothing more than a tool to gain power by the democrats in perpetuity and a Woke, Oppressor vs Oppressed divide and conquer tactic by the ever-growing Marxism in this country.
Cartoon by A.F. Branco ©2023

A. F. Branco

A. F. Branco

A. F. Branco's syndicated cartoons appear at many websites, including Legal Insurrection. His work may also be found at his own website, Comically Incorrect.


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