Student journalist: I was pushed, stalked at college pro-Hamas rally

Student journalist: I was pushed, stalked at college pro-Hamas rally

“Students blocked a conservative journalist covering a pro-Palestinian walkout on Thursday at Princeton University, following her and covering her camera with signs and flags,” reports The College Fix:

Alexandra Orbuch, editor in chief of the conservative, independent student newspaper The Princeton Tory, wrote on X the aggressive obstructions made her very uncomfortable.

“I stood at a distance, gathering footage and audio of the protestors, but protesters continued to stalk and harass me,” Orbuch wrote. Later, she added, “As the event progressed, the actions of the protestors became more brazen, and they moved closer and closer to me.”

Orbuch and The Princeton Tory published several videos on X showing student protesters repeatedly following the conservative journalist and blocking her camera.

In one video, a male student follows Orbuch for more than two minutes, holding up a sign to block her view as she moves away from him time after time. Orbuch asks him not to touch her and tells him he is standing too close, but he continues to follow her, the video shows.

“I repeatedly told him that his level of closeness made me extremely uncomfortable, and I attempted to move away a number of times,” she wrote on X. “He refused to leave me alone. It escalated to the point that he pushed me and stepped on my foot. Free speech is one thing. Assault is another.”…

Another video by The Princeton Tory shows protesters chanting, “From Princeton to Gaza, globalize the Intifada,” and “There is only one solution, Intifada revolution.”

The video also shows three students attempting to block the student journalist from filming the event by holding signs in front of the camera. Other videos show….the crowd chanting, “No justice, no peace, no racist police.”

College campuses have been the scene of numerous pro-Palestinian protests since Hamas terrorists attacked Israel on Oct. 7, slaughtering more than 1,200 civilians including children and the elderly.

Some of the campus protests have turned violent, and Jewish students and staff have reported an alarming rise in antisemitism.

In other campus news, a Northwestern University lab says that it is an ethical imperative for the internet to be communized.

Education schools heavily indoctrinate teachers in left-wing ideology. “Campus Reform has reported for years that education colleges indoctrinate the next generation of K-12 teachers. As a result, primary and secondary school curriculum has become more woke with Critical Race Theory and gender ideology taking precedence in classroom instruction.”

Most teacher training programs don’t actually train people to teach. Studies found that people who go through teacher training programs are no more effective at teaching than those who never received such training.

Teacher Daniel Buck described his intellectually barren, ideologically-slanted studies at education school:

My teacher training featured Black Lives Matter friendship bracelets, lectures on acupuncture and essential oils, acrostic poems as final projects, and a solid grounding in critical race theory. Notably lacking was a robust emphasis on teaching, learning, cognitive science, child psychology, behavior management, curriculum, or any other practicalities of the classroom. They were present but secondary to progressive politics….

The James G. Martin Center for Academic Renewal solicited syllabi from three of the most prestigious schools of education in the country to determine the most assigned readings at each….The syllabi are replete with critical race theory, political activism, and even outright Marxism. Gloria Ladson-Billings topped the list. Notably, she introduced critical race theory into the academic field of education in 1995…Where the essay actually addresses education — and it does so sparsely — she calls existing school curricula a “culturally specific artifact designed to maintain a white supremacist master script.”…

Ultimately, students and teachers both bear the consequences of our teacher-prep failings. In my first year of teaching, having not learned the skills, my students learned little and my classroom was chaotic. Research confirms that teachers who go through established teacher-prep programs or none at all show little long-term difference in efficacy — unsurprising considering the political nature of these institutions.

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LU Staff

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