Bidenomics Is Scarier Than A Haunted House On Halloween

Bidenomics Is Scarier Than A Haunted House On Halloween
Gay Halloween in New York (Image: YouTube screen grab)

By Frank Lasee

There they go again. Like so many things this president and his party tell us, the reality is often the opposite. Bidenomics’ $1.7 trillion annual deficit spending causes high inflation. High inflation causes high interest rates. Which makes buying a house or car even harder and makes paying the interest on our ballooning, unprecedented $33 trillion national debt even more expensive.

Bidenomics is subsidizing undependable wind and solar with tax subsidies of 30% to build and 30% of sales. Paying for more part-time wind and solar and the 2 million miles of transmission wires required is costly.

Bidenomics is making our electric rates skyrocket, causing electricity shortages, and is destabilizing our electric grids. Paying for our existing reliable full-time, keep-the-lights-on natural gas, coal, and nuclear electricity and all the extra wind and solar is expensive.

Bidenomics is attempting to end coal electricity that produced 20% of our nation’s electricity last year. Quite a few states get 40% or more of their electricity from coal. If he is successful, how will they make these electricity shortages up? (RELATED: EJ ANTONI: Bidenomics Is A Boot On The Neck Of American Oil)

Bidenomics is relying on our largest rival and threat China, to supply the metals needed for the so-called energy transition. China is building hundreds of coal plants that last 50 to 75 years because they are low-cost and reliable. To process the metals they sell to us. That we buy with more deficit spending and higher electric rates. Strengthening China and weakening the US.

Bidenomics is subsidizing hydrogen with a 50% tax subsidy to build the hub and a $3 per kilogram. Which is about the same energy as a gallon of gas.

Because it costs 5 times as much to make green hydrogen compared to current fossil fuel-based methods, even with subsidies, hydrogen will be far more expensive. Hydrogen is a $100s of billions boondoggle far worse than Solyndra.

Pretending that “green” hydrogen, that needs full-time power for the expensive 24/7 industrial processes can be made with part-time wind and solar electricity is silly.

Green hydrogen needs 13 times more water to make it and 40 times more water to cool it to near absolute zero, after super-heating and electrocuting it. Then it must be compressed to 10,000 psi and stored somewhere.

Green hydrogen has never been made at scale anywhere, ever. And it explodes.

Bidenomics is subsidizing each electric car with nearly $50,000 in taxpayer money and regulations. And is working to force them on all of us, whether we like them or can afford them.

Our electric grids are short of power now. Many of our older cities and villages don’t have electric systems that can support the additional power demand of fast chargers without multi-million-dollar upgrades. That will take years to complete.

Biden regulations will up the cost of new homes by more than $9,000. And limit choices and increase the cost of common home appliances like gas stoves by $3,000, furnaces by $500, dishwashers by $225, water heaters by $2,800, and air conditioners by $1,100. How does this help regular people?

Bidenomics is subsidizing nearly 4 million illegal immigrants which have arrived since Biden took office and continue to pour over our border. More than the population of 22 different states. They are from every country in the world. The most ever!

Our communities are less safe because of this flood of illegals. Stressing many blue cities’ resources and wreaking havoc on black and Hispanic neighborhoods where millions are going. So much for social justice.

Certainly some of them are terrorists, hardened criminals, gang members, rapists, child traffickers, drug dealers, and some are carrying exotic or communicable diseases. Some are coming to the US to do our citizens harm. Millions take advantage of Biden’s relocation programs paid for with money we don’t have and driving up local and state taxes too. (RELATED: FRANK LASEE: The Climate Hucksters Are Saying The Quiet Part Out Loud — They Want Fewer People)

Biden tells our military that climate change, that may or may not happen a hundred years from now, is an existential threat, not China, Russia, or Iran. Placing the focus of our military on electrifying everything and the rainbow flag, which will waste money and endanger our soldiers on the battlefields of an increasingly dangerous, unsafe world. Think Russia and Ukraine, Hamas, Hezbollah, Iran, Syria and Israel, and communist China and Taiwan.

The world is far less safe, and everything costs more because of Bidenomics. Our wages and social security checks aren’t keeping up with inflation. And it is getting worse, not better.

Bidenomics is scarier than a haunted house on Halloween.

Frank Lasee is the President of Truth in Energy and Climate and a former Wisconsin State Senator.


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