Mayo Clinic hires leftist race-baiter to train healthcare professionals in ‘racial equity’

Mayo Clinic hires leftist race-baiter to train healthcare professionals in ‘racial equity’
Robin DiAngelo (Image: Boston University)

“Robin DiAngelo, the author of the bestselling antiracist book, White Fragility,” has “insisted that racial minorities should separate themselves from white Americans,” notes the National Review. Her book argues that minorities can’t be racist, stating that “people of color…lack the social and institutional power to be guilty of “racism,” because “the impact of their prejudice on whites is temporary and contextual.”

Legally, these claims are wrong. So it seems like a bad idea for an employer to have DiAngelo train its employees, who may act on DiAngelo’s ideology by creating separate race-based affinity groups that violate the civil-rights laws, or ignoring racism by black employees that can lead to civil-rights claims against an employer. At least two federal appeals courts have ruled that employers can be liable under the civil-rights laws for allowing black employees to racially harass whites.

But the Mayo Clinic is paying DiAngelo to train its staffers, reports Campus Reform. She’ll also be talking about white people’s “complicity in anti-Black terror and subjugation”:

The Mayo Clinic is set to hold a continuing education course on anti-racism for health care professionals in September.

The forum, titled “Developing Anti Racism Leadership Competencies to Achieve Inclusive Practice for Health Equity,” is scheduled to be held over multiple livestream sessions from Sep 12, 2023 to Oct 4, 2023.

As stated in the curriculum summary posted with the Mayo Clinic announcement, the course is designed to introduce “healthcare and biomedical leaders to anti-racist strategies, resources, and tools to achieve racial equity at both levels of organizational change and individual leadership practices.”

The course addresses how “White solidarity and White benefits (mentally, emotionally, and spiritually) indoctrinated, enabled, and incentivized White people to normalize ‘complicity in anti-Black terror and subjugation’ through exploration of the origins of american racism, racial caste, and white fragility.

The Mayo Clinic stated that the target audience for proficiency in the course will be allied healthcare professionals healthcare executives.

Participants will be encouraged to evaluate “systemic and institutionalized ideologies that lead to biased attitudes and discriminatory behavior.” The website covers multiple learning objectives, including developing “foundational knowledge of the historical and societal foundations of structural racism and anti-Blackness in America.”

It goes on to state that healthcare professionals should be able to identify the modern impact of structural racism, and ‘review the roles each of us play in upholding or disrupting systems of inequity and exclusion.’

The Mayo Clinic also noted that guest lecturer Robin DiAngelo will be speaking at a featured session entitled, “Confronting White Fragility, Nice Racism and Anti-Blackness & Applying Racial Literacy through Practice to Develop Antiracism Leadership Strategies and Practices for Health Equity.”

DiAngelo holds two honorary doctorates and is a Professor of Education at the University of Washington studying Whiteness Studies and Critical Discourse Analysis, focusing on “how whiteness is reproduced in everyday narratives.” She is the author of the controversial book White Fragility: Why It’s So Hard For White People To Talk About Racism, published in 2018.

Hiring DiAngelo is unlikely to make the Mayo Clinic more inviting to normal black people. A black moderate, writing in The Atlantic, says that DiAngelo’s book patronizes and “talks down to black people,” and contains “dehumanizing condescension,” treating black people as “exquisitely sensitive” beings who are unable to handle tiny slights and normal interactions with other people.

“Antiracism” is a radical ideology that is hostile to the free market economy, equating it with racism: “To love capitalism is to end up loving racism. To love racism is to end up loving capitalism…Capitalism is essentially racist; racism is essentially capitalist,” says the best-selling book How to Be An Antiracist. That book is a “comprehensive introduction to critical race theory,” gushes the leading progressive media organ Slate.

The “key concept” in Ibram Kendi’s book How to Be an Antiracist is that discrimination against whites is the only way to achieve equality: “The only remedy to past discrimination is present discrimination. The only remedy to present discrimination is future discrimination,” writes Kendi in that book. Kendi is a leading “critical race theorist,” according to the leading progressive publication Slate.

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