The Democrats Want America To Be More Like South Africa. That’s A Terrible Idea

The Democrats Want America To Be More Like South Africa. That’s A Terrible Idea
A South African farm. YouTube video

On Sunday, the White House Press Secretary made clear she and her fellow Democrats want a very different America than the rest of us.

During an appearance on MSNBC, Karine Jean-Pierre was asked by the host about how the White House will handle future debate regarding affirmative action now that the Supreme Court has banned it in America’s colleges and universities.

She responded with this: “We’re going to say, ‘this [decision] is wrong.’ It is unprecedented… taking away important constitutional rights that have been in place for a long time.” (RELATED: BRYAN DEAN WRIGHT: A Former CIA Officer Breaks Down The Chaos In Russia)

Unfortunately for the White House, though, it is they who are wrong. In fact, a new poll makes that clear.

Over the weekend, The Economist / YouGov released a poll showing 59% of adult Americans approve of the Supreme Court’s decision to ban affirmative action in college admissions. Just 27% disapproved.

More surprising to people like Ms. Jean-Pierre is this: black and Hispanic Americans largely support the Supreme Court’s decision too. In fact, black folks approved by a margin of 46% to 36%. Moreover, only 11% of black Americans said they had been positively impacted by affirmative action policies.

Additionally, Hispanic Americans felt much the same. Only 7% said they were positively impacted by these race-based policies.

In other words, only the most radical members of American society support affirmative action. And now we have the data to back that up.

But like any radical political movement, the American Left won’t abandon their embrace of affirmative action and skin-color quotas. It’s simply too important to them, too central to their political ideology.

In fact, as a former Democrat, I know that’s true. I heard it often amongst my friends and colleagues, including on Capitol Hill. I recall them holding up examples of how a race-based society could be built. They frequently referenced the country of South Africa.

For those unaware, the Leftist party in charge of that country – the African National Congress – has adopted affirmative action and racial quotas across the nation as a remedy for the years of racist rule by apartheid.

But what Democrats rarely mention is how badly that South African experiment has gone.

Consider this: about three weeks ago, the South African Government issued proposed regulations on how much water a business can use. And it all depends on skin color.

For instance, if you’re a rancher, farmer, or mining operator who wants 250,000 cubic meters of water, your company has to have at least 25 percent black ownership.

If you want more than that – say, 500,000 cubic meters of water – your business has to be 75% owned by black South Africans.

But of course that raises the thorny question of determining how black is black enough to get water. In South Africa, it’s actually quite difficult. They have over five million mixed-race citizens in a country of 65 million, leaving those folks in a state of chronic anxiety and frustration of either being too white or too black in the eyes of their government – and some fellow citizens. (RELATED: ALAN DERSHOWITZ: The Supreme Court Moves Us One Step Closer To A Colorblind Society)

But that’s the logical outcome of these Leftist racial policies and politicians. Whether in South Africa or in America, Leftists can only think in black and white. And whatever their motivations, their governance leaves only racial pain and wreckage.

And that’s why, at the heart of this recent poll from The Economist / YouGov, I think so many Americans of all colors reject Ms. Jean-Pierre and the Democrat vision for this country. We don’t want to encourage separation. We don’t want to end up rationing water based on skin color.

We want a melting pot. We want a country filled with our fellow imperfect Americans, marching side by side with each other – irrespective of skin color – searching together for a more perfect union.

Bryan Dean Wright is a former Democrat and CIA Operations Officer. He hosts a daily news podcast called The Wright Report.


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