University sides with speaker’s attackers, blocks her on social media

University sides with speaker’s attackers, blocks her on social media

Less than a week after former college swimmer Riley Gaines was assaulted on campus, San Francisco State University (SFSU) released a statement in support of the trans activists who protested her speech.

The statement, which was shared on Twitter, was sent to students and staff at SFSU by Vice President for Student Affairs Jamillah Moore.

“Today, San Francisco State finds itself again at the center of a national discussion regarding freedom of speech and expression. Let me begin by saying clearly: the trans community is welcome and belongs at San Francisco State University.”

It further stated, “Our community fiercely believes in unity, connection, care and compassion, and we value different ideas, even when they are not our own.” However, ex-swimmer Riley Gaines did not experience the “care and compassion” Moore claims is found at SFSU.

Gaines was physically assaulted by a trans activist during her April 7 “Save Women’s Sports” event. She was hit twice by a biological male identifying as a woman and trapped on campus for around three hours.

Despite Gaines’ experience, Moore used her statement to tell the SFSU community that it took “tremendous bravery” for the “students who participated peacefully” to do so on campus: “I am also proud of the moments when our students demonstrated the value of free speech and the right to protest peacefully. These issues do not go away, and these values are very much at our core.”

Riley Gaines reacted to SFSU’s statement by saying that she had to “reread” it “to make sure that they actually used the word peaceful.”

“I was held hostage for three hours. I missed my flight home because it was not safe to leave. These ‘peaceful’ protestors stormed into the classroom where I was explaining why sex-protected sports are necessary for fairness and safety and ambushed me,” Gaines said. “We must have different definitions of peaceful.”

After Gaines criticized Moore’s statement on Twitter, Moore blocked Gaines from following her on Twitter or seeing her tweets.

“The woman who released the statement following the riot where I was verbally and physically assaulted at @SFSU (to which she called peaceful) blocked me. I guess it’s easier for her to ignore me than to denounce violence against women. She won’t be able to ignore my lawsuit🤗,” said Gaines.

Jon Root of Turning Point USA expressed concern about what happened to Gaines, a concern magnified by the fact that he himself has a planned speech at SFSU. “San Francisco State continues to show that conservatives, their free speech and safety are not a priority on campus. They started the email with a virtue signal about the trans community being welcome. They should have started it by condemning the attack on Riley Gaines.”

He also promoted his upcoming speech, which will focus on “How Wokeness is Destroying America.” “I’m calling on SFSU to ensure me and everyone at the event will be safe & heard without the threat of violence or allowing protestors to highjack the event,” he said

At Hot Air, David Strom reacted to Moore’s statement by saying:

What does one say about such a statement? Is there anything so vile as an academic expressing pride in students who, literally, hit a woman multiple times and forced her to cower under police protection?

This is the behavior of which Jamillah Moore, Ed.D.  Vice President for Student Affairs & Enrollment Management is “proud.”

There isn’t even a pretense anymore about allowing others to speak, or of academic freedom. Instead, the actions of a violent mob are portrayed as free speech and peaceful protest.

SFSU needs to be sued, and if it were in a state that wasn’t dedicated to the fascist suppression of dissent it would be rightfully treated as Governor DeSantis is treating Florida’s New College.

It is telling that a college Vice President can view what happened as traumatic for the rioters, not the victim. It shows how inverted and evil the values to which she is committed are.

LU Staff

LU Staff

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