Teaching kids racial guilt turns them into progressive Democrats; unfortunately, indoctrination works

Teaching kids racial guilt turns them into progressive Democrats; unfortunately, indoctrination works
Ibram X. Kendi, the product of critical race theory (Image: YouTube screen grab via CBS News)

When kids are taught concepts rooted in critical social justice, such as “white privilege,” “systemic racism,” and “patriarchy,” they are much more likely to become Democrats, reports the Manhattan Institute. “School indoctrination is working, and will make the Republicans unelectable in a generation,” notes Eric Kaufmann of the Manhattan Institute. “Younger generations are diverging from older ones by not becoming more Republican as they age. Why might this be?” “Indoctrination. Virtually all of over 1,500 18-20 year-olds polled had heard at least 1 of 8 critical social justice (CSJ) terms from adults at school. 90% heard a critical race (CRT) concept, 74% a gender one.” Such concepts have become widespread in our schools, which are indoctrinating students.

Critical social justiceis a proxy for left indoctrination. Children getting lots of CSJ are far more liberal-Democratic than those getting none. Republican party id crashes from 61% to 30% comparing youth hearing zero vs 6+ concepts.” “Children with Republican mothers who are exposed to no CSJ identify 46% conservative and 27% liberal. Children with Republican moms hearing 6+ CSJ ideas flip completely: 46% liberal, 21% conservative.” “88% of youth from the most heavily Republican fifth of counties heard Critical race and gender concepts in school. This is happening right under the nose of Republican parents and politicians.” “This is happening almost as much in private, parochial *and* homeschool as in public school. School choice can work for a few informed & committed parents, but can only affect indoctrination at the margins.” “Pupils taught these concepts believe them. Belief in white privilege jumps from 41% to 56%, in gender as chosen from 37% to 49%, in US built on stolen land from 44% to 73%.”

“Young people taught 5 Critical Race Theory concepts are twice as likely to support affirmative action quotas and (for whites) to feel guilty about their race than those taught no CRT.” “CSJ in schools massively increases the fear being expelled, punished or shamed. 27% not exposed to CSJ reported fear compared to 68% exposed to 6+ concepts. For Republican youth, the jump is from 27% to 84%!” “As a consequence of striking fear into pupils, CSJ chills speech. The share of non-black pupils saying they were uncomfortable criticizing a black classmate increases from 29% to 43% with heavy exposure to CSJ.” “Thus CSJ not only indoctrinates pupils, but increases fear, chills inter-racial interaction and limits black pupils’ opportunity to hear potentially useful feedback from classmates, holding them back.”

Here is the Executive Summary from the Manhattan Institute’s recent report, “School Choice Is Not Enough: The Impact of Critical Social Justice Ideology in American Education”:

Results of a representative survey of more than 1,500 Americans aged 18 to 20 suggest that Critical Race Theory (CRT) and radical gender ideology, together known as Critical Social Justice (CSJ), is widespread in American schools. Ninety-three percent of American 18- to 20-year-olds said that they had heard about at least one of eight CSJ concepts from a teacher or other adult at school, including “white privilege,” “systemic racism,” “patriarchy,” or the idea that gender is a choice unrelated to biological sex. Additionally, 90% of respondents had heard about at least one CRT concept and 74% about at least one radical gender concept.

CSJ appears to have a significant impact in shifting children to the political left.

In partisan terms, those exposed to no CSJ concepts break 27% to 20% for the Republican Party, while those who have been taught the maximum of eight CSJ concepts lean a whopping 53% to 7% toward the Democratic Party. In strongly Republican counties, young people taught no CSJ concepts lean Republican 38% to 20%, whereas in the same counties, those taught the maximum number of CSJ concepts lean Democratic by a stunning 46% to 14%. Parents also have less influence on their children than one might think. For instance, young people with a Republican mother who are taught no CSJ lean 61% Republican to 14% Democratic, while individuals with a Republican mother who are taught a high number of CSJ concepts in school are more balanced, at 25% Republican and 30% Democratic.

CSJ is not being taught as one theory among others but rather, in 7 out of 10 cases, as “truth.”

These concepts are introduced as the only respectable approach to race, gender, and sexuality in American society. This has significant consequences for the policy preferences of young people (and, thus, for future policy). For instance, support for preferential hiring and promotion of black people increases from 17% among those exposed to no CRT in school to 44% among those exposed to the maximum of five CRT concepts. Those taught that the black-white pay gap is due mainly to discrimination were 14 points more likely to agree with this than those who were not taught this idea.

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