Conservative students’ anticommunist event shut down at University of Illinois-Chicago

Conservative students’ anticommunist event shut down at University of Illinois-Chicago
Che Guevara, a thug glorified on T-shirts worldwide

“A ‘No More Che Day’ tabling by conservative students at the University of Illinois Chicago was shut down Oct. 10 by a campus administrator who told the students their display was not allowed … even though the students argued they were on public property,” reports The College Fix.

The event was designed to educate students about the crimes of Cuban Communist killer and torturer Che Guevara, who murdered adults and children alike. No one’s face is plastered on more T-shirts worldwide than Che Guevara’s. His face is often depicted admiringly on T-shirts worn by left-wing progressives on American college campuses. Guevara was so vicious he disturbed even some Soviet communist officials. “Che Guevara was such a depraved sociopath – personally conducting hundreds of executions and torture sessions – and unbound that the Soviets told [CurCastro to sideline him or risk the aid and subsidies without which the already crumbling Cuban economy would’ve completely collapsed,” notes Boris Ryvkin.

Che Guevara even liked torturing animals. Yet, Guevara is celebrated by left-wing American publications like Jacobin.

Che Guevara wrote that “We executed many people by firing squad without knowing if they were fully guilty. At times, the Revolution cannot stop to conduct much investigation.” “To send men to the firing squad, judicial proof is unnecessary. These procedures are an archaic bourgeois detail. This is a revolution! And a revolutionary must become a cold killing machine motivated by pure hate,” Guevara said.

But a progressive college administrator shut down the event publicizing Che Guevara’s crimes:

The students manning the UIC Young Americans for Freedom chapter table were handing out literature criticizing Marxist revolutionary Che Guevara and were told they would face disciplinary action if they did not pack it up, according to an edited two-minute video of the incident posted by YAF.

“It’s scary that we may face disciplinary action simply because we passed out literature critical of a communist murderer and terrorist,” Jerwyn Castillo, chairman of Young Americans for Freedom at UIC who was among the students manning the table, told the foundation.

The students were taking part in YAF’s annual “No More Che Day” awareness campaign, which allows students to “educate your campus community about the evils of Che Guevara with flyers and posters,” the foundation’s website states.

The yearly event coincides with the anniversary of Guevara’s death, Oct. 9, but this year it was held Oct. 10, as the previous day was a Sunday.

One of the posters on the UIC YAF table included a picture of the revolutionary with one of his quotes: “To execute a man we don’t need proof of his guilt.”

Associate Director of Student Organizations Vance Pierce, told the students they needed to relocate off-campus property, according to the video.

The video shows the incident took place outdoors, but the sticking point appeared to be the fact that the students set up outside a campus building rather than across the street. The University of Illinois Chicago is an urban campus in the heart of the city.

“What I am trying to tell you is across the street on the sidewalk, that’s the open space where you can set up and do whatever, so I am just trying to explain to you how it’s implemented,” Piece said.

“The sidewalk is also public property. This is public property,” the student in the video replied.

“Not indoor it’s not,” Pierce said.

“This is not indoor,” the YAF student replied.

“It’s indoor of the circle of the buildings, it’s not just open to anybody,” Piece is heard saying in the video. “… So when you define it as public property, there is a difference between public property and state property. Public property is anybody can set up outside on that sidewalk,” Pierce said….when the “student activists asked the administrator to cite the supposed policy he was enforcing, Pierce threatened to file a disciplinary report with the dean’s office for ‘refusal to follow university directives.’ He proceeded to take down the students’ names and student identification numbers.

Under the Obama administration, the EPA glorified Che Guevara as part of Hispanic Heritage Month, even though Guevara was a torturer and child-killer who called himself “Stalin II” (after the after Joseph Stalin, the Soviet dictator who tortured, murdered and starved to death more than 20 million people), and killed many Hispanics. Guevara also helped install the brutal Castro regime in Cuba, which resulted in Cuba being poorer, more backward and eventually less healthy.

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