Woke college forced to get rid of discriminatory program

Woke college forced to get rid of discriminatory program
Professor Mark J. Perry

A single economics professor has killed countless discriminatory programs favored by the woke, just by filing complaints against them with federal and state civil-rights agencies. As law professor Gail Heriot notes, “Mark Perry is a treasure: He is a one-army against wokeness. I’ve lost count of how many Title VI and Title IX complaints he has filed. They aren’t all successful. (This is the Biden Administration, you know.) But even during the worst of times, he scores some wins.”

Recently, the notoriously woke Ithaca College was forced to get rid of a minorities-only medical education program after Perry filed a complaint. The College Fix reports:

Ithaca College officials removed information on an event geared toward “BIPOC [Black, Indigenous and People of Color] middle and high school students interested in a career in medicine,” just one day after being informed of a federal complaint filed against the school.

“If you know any students who identify as BIPOC in grades 6-12 in the Ithaca Community, we invite them to sign up at the link below,” the university news release announced.

The Project Access physician assistant program, scheduled for October 8, constituted “illegal race-based discrimination in violation of Title VI [of the 1964 Civil Rights Act],” University of Michigan Flint professor emeritus Mark Perry alleged in a complaint to the federal Department of Education’s Office for Civil Rights….The College Fix reviewed a copy of the complaint from Perry, a frequent filer of Title VI race and Title IX sex complaints. Perry forwarded the complaint to Ithaca College officials on September 26.

“Perhaps the discriminatory, BIPOC-only ‘IC PA Program’ was never reviewed for legal compliance with federal civil rights laws by your office because the discrimination on the basis of race, skin color and national origin seems legally (and ethically) indefensible,” Perry stated in an email to Emily Rockett, the college’s counsel. Other school officials were included on the email.

Just a day later, Perry informed The Fix that the information on the school’s website had been removed….. This incident is not the first of its kind. Perry has filed more than 650 federal civil rights complaints against colleges and universities around the country. He told The Fix that incidents like this one are just part of a larger problem….“I’m confident that if I hadn’t become aware of the event and then filed a federal civil rights complaint that the discriminatory, [the] illegal event would have taken place without incident, and future BIPOC-only events would have been planned,” the professor emeritus wrote.

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