Right-wing coalition wins Italian elections — will lead to first female prime minister, not fascism

Right-wing coalition wins Italian elections — will lead to first female prime minister, not fascism

A right-wing coalition won Italy’s election on Sunday, giving Italy its first female prime minister. The right-wing coalition has won about 60% of the seats in Italy’s parliament. A government will be formed in the next few weeks with Giorgia Meloni as Prime Minister. Meloni heads the Brothers of Italy Party. It received over a fourth of the vote all by itself, while its coalition partners received about a sixth of the vote, giving the right-wing coalition about 43% of the popular vote. By contrast, the right-wing parties’ biggest competitor, the left-leaning Democratic Party, received only about a fifth of the popular vote.

Italy’s biggest political parties have unsavory origins. The Brothers of Italy Party traces its roots back to a fascist party, while the second biggest party in Italy, the Democratic Party, is the successor to Italy’s Communist Party. The media is not bothered by the Democratic Party being directly descended from a communist party (the Italian Communist Party changed its name to the Democratic Party only after the communist regimes in eastern Europe fell, discrediting communism). But the media never misses a chance to remind readers of the origins of the Brothers of Italy Party. The media also dislikes the Brothers of Italy Party’s opposition to transgender ideology and mass immigration from the Middle East.

A party’s historical roots often don’t matter much. Germany has been governed by a Social Democratic Party that has its historical roots in Marxism, but the Social Democrats didn’t turn Germany into a communist country. Italy’s Democratic Party didn’t turn Italy communist during its stints in power, despite its communist origins. To attract followers and win elections, they had to moderate their positions. The U.S. Democratic Party historically supported slavery and later Jim Crow, but it doesn’t support those things today.

As Rod Dreher of The American Conservative noted, the right-wing coalition that won the Italian election is not, in fact, fascist, as CBS and other media have falsely claimed:

It is true that Meloni’s party, the Brothers Of Italy, has roots in twentieth-century fascism. But she herself is a standard right-wing populist, in that she is a social conservative (particularly, she values religion and opposes gender ideology) and is skeptical of political and economic globalism. Meloni was raised working class in Rome by a single mother; her father abandoned the family. She still holds on to her strong Roman accent. Below, watch her 15-minute speech in English at the National Conservatism Rome conference in 2020, and tell me with a straight face that that woman is a Fascist….If CBS News is right and Giorgia Meloni is a “fascist,” then I’m telling you, half of America is fascist. Then again, they probably do believe that in the CBS Newsroom in New York.

Please, I want you to watch this, or at least part of it. It’s important to see and hear for yourself the radical distance between what CBS News and other media say Giorgia Meloni is, and what she actually is. It’s important so you can grasp how badly you and all of us are gaslighted by the media when it comes to politics, especially when politics intersect with culture. They hate Meloni because she takes a hard line on out-of-control immigration, and because she believes in defending the traditional family (which entails rejecting transgender ideology). Ergo, “FASCIST!”


The right-wing coalition will have its hands full dealing with Italy’s sluggish economy and high national debt. It is unlikely to have much better luck than its predecessors, which lost popularity while in power, and it may lose the next election.

LU Staff

LU Staff

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