School shows video telling kids not to call cops if they see a ‘violently racist’ attack

School shows video telling kids not to call cops if they see a ‘violently racist’ attack
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“A high school in Denver, Colorado is under fire for showing students a video telling them not to contact the police if they witness a ‘violently racist or homophobic’ incident,” reports The College Fix.  According to the New York Post, the reason given is that cops will supposedly “escalate, rather than reduce” the violence.

The video was first posted to YouTube in 2017 by Barnard College’s Center for Research on Women.  The video, “Don’t be a Bystander: 6 Tips for Responding to Racist Attacks,” says that due to the climate created by Trump’s election, “White supremacists and White nationalists have been emboldened, and as a result, public attacks are on the rise.”

“Because police have been trained to see people of color, gender-nonconforming folks, and Muslims as criminals,” warns the video, “they often treat victims as perpetrators of violence. So, if the victim hasn’t asked you to call the police, do not — I repeat, do not — call the police.”

The Denver Police Foundation called the “tips” in the video “reprehensible,” “irresponsible” and “a blatant misrepresentation of the training received by the Denver Police Department and law enforcement as a whole” that fosters “anti police attitudes.”

According to its website, the Barnard Center for Research on Women “brings scholars and activists together … to advance intersectional social justice feminist analyses and to promote social transformation.”

Teachers and school officials are trained in education schools, which are very left-wing places. 13% of the nation’s college faculty support abolishing prisons and the police. The percentage is undoubtedly higher in schools of education, where instruction is often permeated with crackpot racial theories and left-wing ideology.

As teacher Daniel Buck wrote in the Wall Street Journal, education schools indoctrinate their students in left-wing moonbattery:

I studied for a master’s degree in education at the University of Wisconsin-Madison in 2015. My program was batty. We made Black Lives Matter friendship bracelets. We passed around a popsicle stick to designate whose turn it was to talk while professors compelled us to discuss our life’s traumas. We read poems through the “lenses” of Marxism and critical race theory in preparation for our students doing the same. Our final projects were acrostic poems or ironic rap videos.

At the time, I figured my experience was unique. Surely, I thought, other teacher-prep programs focused on human cognition, behavioral management, child psychology and other educational practicalities. Alas, my program was mild compared with what current graduates must suffer.

The Wisconsin Institute for Law and Liberty has reviewed the required coursework for 14 programs for teachers-to-be in the Badger State. These programs produce about 80% of all teaching graduates in the state each year….On the syllabi, noticeably lacking are academic literature or manuals of classroom instruction. Instead…propaganda like “Anti-Racist Baby” abound….The University of Wisconsin-River Falls defines education as a “social justice and change agent.” The University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point commits to “anti-racism.” Each program exhibits a philosophy of education called critical pedagogy, made popular by Brazilian Marxist Paulo Freire, that envisions schools as places not of academic instruction but of societal change.

Freire, one of the authors assigned most often in schools of education, mapped the oppressor-oppressed dichotomy onto the teacher-student relationship and advocated for what he believed was a liberatory education. He cited the Maoist and Leninist Revolutions as ideals of his thought in action. Where Freire shifts from Marxist ramblings to practical advice, he encourages teachers to spur their students toward discontent with the world around them.

If there’s practical training involved, it’s likely to be about how to discuss LGBTQ+ issues with 3-year-olds….Progressive activism is flooding American classrooms because teacher-prep programs are steeped in it. In 2019 the James G. Martin Center for Academic Renewal reviewed the education-school syllabi at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, the University of Michigan and the University of Wisconsin-Madison. “The results are unequivocal,” wrote Jay Schalin,the  study’s author. “The most influential thinkers in our education schools are radicals who adhere to a collectivist, utopian vision.”

What teachers-to-be aren’t being taught is perhaps even more concerning. The National Council on Teacher Quality reviewed how many schools of education taught prospective elementary-school teachers the “science of reading”—decades-old research that confirms the necessity of phonics, spelling and vocabulary instruction. Only 15% of schools emphasized these elements in 2006, which increased to 22% according to a survey from 2019.

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