Monkeypox is spreading among gays. But the CDC won’t caution against the orgies that spread the pox

Monkeypox is spreading among gays. But the CDC won’t caution against the orgies that spread the pox
Child with monkeypox

Ace of Spades has an excellent article about how the same “public-health” phonies who sought to shut down all of society to prevent the transmission of COVID-19 — even settings where COVID wasn’t spreading — are now refusing to even warn against the gay sex orgies that are spreading monkeypox throughout America.

Feels a lot like AIDS, when the NIH, headed by, what’s this?, Anthony Fauci would not shut down gay bathhouses or even recommend doing so, but did tell straight women to insist that straight men use dental dams when they went down on them.

Our public health authorities will do anything — anything! — if it saves one life.

Except tell a member of a noisy leftwing political constituency that they’re going to have to give up a pastime they enjoy, like rioting during a pandemic or orgies during a pox pandemic that is easily spread by close contact, as occurs during sex….. under covid, the government was also very aggressive about pushing non-medicinal interventions, like forbidding certain behaviors as well as outlawing groups larger than ten.

Note that monkeypox is not technically a sexually transmitted disease, but it is transmitted by close skin-to-skin contact, and that can only occur in a handful of human interactions. Sex, of course….And you can only spread it if you’re touching many people in this way….That’s why this is mostly being spread by gay men at orgies and raves and through anonymous sex. Sex is a main way to spread it, and you need to be in physical contact with multiple people to both catch it and then retransmit it.

And yet: There are no advisories from the CDC telling gay men to cool it with the orgies and anonymous sex. No stern warnings to… not even go celibate, but just pick one sexual partner for the duration of the pandemic and be monogamous temporarily.

No, that’s too much of an imposition on the gay community.

But when this spreads out to the general population, they’ll have no problem telling us our kids will have to remain locked in their homes for a year, will they?

Ace of Spades cites the below posting from a gay orgy-goer who contracted and spread monkeypox at an orgy:

 Hi so I have monkeypox. Not fishing for any sort of sympathy, but since I’m already know for being pretty unabashed on the internet, I figured I’d give an honest account of how I got it and how my symptoms manifested to hopefully educate anyone curious…..this whole saga really begins mid June when I attended a friends birthday orgy Saturday the 9th….

I had been watching the news on monkeypox but the general feelings on it really were and still are developing by the day. So I nor anyone else was especially worried, especially since there had been only two confirmed cases in my entire county, and this group was all locals. AND the host of that group was a good friend and a nurse, so I trusted their judgement in still having the event happen.It was a great time, I think I came into sexual content with somewhere in the ballpark of 15-20 different men…I had plans made to go to another orgy on Thursday…I made the educated risk to attend the orgy on Thursday. Wowzers did that blow up in my fucking face in the end….

So this orgy was a [disgusting type of orgy] thrown by some friends….

It had actually been cancelled the two years prior thanks to Covid, so people were really intent on coming to this one. And plenty of people who were flying into town from all over the place (including places where mp was way more prevalent) were attending this orgy. So I attend the orgy, have a great time….I think I had sexual contact with around 15 men, similar to the orgy on Saturday. Had a great time,…

Tuesday is when shit hits the fan. Cough is still bad, but come evening and a wave of exhaustion suddenly hits me. I get in bed around 7:30, thinking maybe I’ll get some extra sleep, and I realize I can literally feel the heat coming off my skin; I must have a fever

It’s starting to sink in now. I screw my courage to my goddamn sticking place (literally) and reach down and feel around my [butt]. And there it is, little bumps on the inside of my [butt]. I had the pox….I just feel worse and worse as the night goes on. I’m scalding to the touch but even under three blankets I couldn’t get warm, everytime I stood up my head would throb and the room would spin….Tracing it back it’s pretty clear I had my exposure at the Thursday orgy with all the out-of-towners, the timing works out exactly right. I’m really not sure at what point I began to be contagious, if it was when my cough got worse or when all those symptoms hit me at once,

“Oh you mean the super-spreader event with the out-of-towers who then traveled back to their home cities to spread it to more people via more orgies through their local orgy scenes,” remarks Ace.

As Ace notes, “a strongly worded CDC advisory telling anyone with monkeypox symptoms to refrain from sex, especially from orgies,” might be “helpful. But “the left’s constituent groups are never told not to do the things they like doing. If there’s a forbiddance needed, then all of society is told to lock down.”

“No, there will be no such warnings, until monkeypox spreads more and then they will tell us we all have to avoid congregating in groups and the gyms and churches and schools are now closed.”

To the “government-politician scientists,” ” you can gather in closely-packed mobs to riot while everyone else is locked down because The Science (TM) says The Ghost of St. George Floyd protects you.”

“Just like we were told in the 80s that straights could get AIDS just as easily as those who were gay? Say, how many sexual partners were/are straights having compared to gay men? Now I’m not statistician, but it kind of really ups the chances of infection when you have a dozen sex partners in a month, huh?… if you have 100x more incidents, your accumulated risk is going to be huge.

“So: They’re lying. Straight-up lying and gaslighting.”

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LU Staff

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