‘Bloodthirsty’ squirrel attacks 18 people in small village

‘Bloodthirsty’ squirrel attacks 18 people in small village
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A squirrel bit 18 residents of a Welsh village, leaving villagers afraid to leave their homes, before it was finally caught in a trap, reports the Evening Standard. Its capture “came after more than a dozen locals reported being attacked by the rodent with some posting gory images of bloody bite marks and deep scratches requiring tetanus jabs amid the two-day ‘rampage.’ The squirrel was also accused of biting dogs, cats and chasing people down country roads.” The squirrel was captured when a villager “set out a cage in her garden leaving a handful of peanuts,” the squirrel’s favorite snack, “as bait” to trap it.

The Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals “picked the squirrel up from” the villager’s home. But it then “had no choice” but to euthanize the squirrel “as it is currently illegal to release a grey squirrel back into the wild.”Grey squirrels are considered invasive pests in the United Kingdom, because they came from North America in the 1870’s, and are not native to England or Wales.

The villager who caught the squirrel told the Evening Standard “of her sorrow after the squirrel” was “euthanised…I’m sad because I’m an animal lover and because of me this squirrel lost his life.”

On the local Facebook group, that villager warned that the squirrel had bitten as many as 18 villagers in his spree. Another resident warned that “It has also attacked my two Bengals (cats) who fear nothing.” “I dare not go out of my house, as it’s lurking,” that resident said.

“I went out to my dustbin in the garden when the squirrel ran at me for the second time … it’s attacked half the street.”

She said: “I love animals, would never hurt one, but this one is probably poorly to behave in such an aggressive way.”

Another resident also reported being bitten. He said, “I was just having a fag by my back door and it jumped on me.”

“I thought it wanted feeding but it bit me before I even had a chance.” “I wouldn’t normally put something up like (post onto Facebook) but it was just so random and it well hurt. Had to go to the hospital to get a jab.”

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