Notice to readers

Notice to readers

It is with a heavy heart that we write to inform readers that in several days, Liberty Unyielding, as they know it, will cease publication.

Our chief reason for pulling up stakes after eight years is Big Tech. The censorship, by Facebook in particular, has taken a heavy toll on the management, staff, and contributors. It has also adversely affected our revenues.

We have dropped hints of our plight from time to time in posts such as this one from last July on the depths of depravity to which some of our electronic jailers have descended.

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The official last day of the site in its current incarnation will be Sunday Oct. 3. The comments section will remain up for several days after, then we will be shutting that down as well.

We take this opportunity to express deep appreciation for our readers and commenters, without whose interest and contributions we could not have achieved the success and longevity we’ve enjoyed. Of all the things we will miss, the interaction with “LU Nation” – often acerbic, sometimes a belly laugh or a “thank you” at just the right moment, and always informative – is probably the one we will miss the most.

If there is one bright light, it is that we won’t be shutting down the site completely. It will pass into the very capable hands of Hans Bader, our longtime friend and loyal contributor.

Other than Hans, the remainder of the staff and contributors will be moving on to new adventures.

J.E. Dyer will continue to post feature articles and notes (including the Football Follies) at her old blog, The Optimistic Conservative, when Liberty Unyielding ceases publication in its current form. She invites interested readers to join her there. In the coming months, she will consolidate her Liberty Unyielding archive with the one at TOC.

Howard Portnoy will take a much-needed rest before deciding what comes next for him.

The archive at Liberty Unyielding will remain live for the foreseeable future after publication ceases.

It may seem today that Big Tech has succeeded in the role of “government,” as reflected in our founding quote from Thomas Jefferson: “The natural progress of things is for liberty to yield and government [or Big Tech] to gain ground.”

Even now, however, we don’t believe that. The nation we love is in turmoil because it is fighting back. America has always beaten the odds, and it will again.

So our farewell is to the Liberty Unyielding site, not to the fight. May God bless our colleagues and our treasured readers, and may He bless America with freedom and light.

Howard Portnoy and J.E. Dyer

Howard Portnoy and J.E. Dyer

Howard Portnoy has served for eight years as the editor in chief of Liberty Unyielding. J.E. Dyer has served for eight years as editor at large of the website.


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