Pulling a Hillary: As VP, Biden used private email account to send gov’t info to Hunter

Pulling a Hillary: As VP, Biden used private email account to send gov’t info to Hunter

By K. Walker

If you thought Hillary Clinton had cornered the market on using a personal email account to conduct government business, think again. The website Just the News reports that Joe Biden used an unsecured email address to send government information to his Hunter and other people during his stint as vice president under Barack Obama.

Investigative journalists John Solomon and Natalia Mittelstadt note having obtained messages from Hunter Biden’s laptop that show that his father used a private email address to forward information to his “globetrotting, foreign-deal-making son Hunter.” The messages, sometimes signed “Dad,” were sent from the email account robinware456@gmail.com.

Some of the messages were deeply personal, others were political in nature, and still others clearly addressed business matters, often forwarding information from senior officials in the White House, the State Department, and other government agencies. …

… A former senior Obama administration official confirmed … that some administration officials knew of the robinware456@gmail.com email address for Joe Biden and used it from time to time. “I saw it used to communicate with his family and friends or to pass information to them,” the official told Just the News, speaking only on condition of anonymity because of fear of reprisal.

The emails … show numerous Obama administration officials communicated or were aware of the private email address or had their information sent to it, including current Secretary of State Tony Blinken.

So much meantime for Biden’s claim of never having been involved in his son’s business!

The private email account raises the same concerns about possible violations of federal law leveled at Hillary Clinton, but this time it’s against the sitting president in his former role as vice president.

While Biden doesn’t seem to have stored classified information in an unsecured location as Hillary did, he did use the email address to share information that was sent to the Vice President of the United States from the State Department and other government agencies.

The article also states that “Biden had an obligation to preserve any emails involving his government work under federal records law, even if he used a private email address.” It’s unclear if he did that, as the private email address hasn’t been disclosed until now.

We know that Hillary Clinton deleted tens of thousands of emails, used BleachBit on her hard drive to make recovery impossible, and smashed devices to cover up her “mistake” which would have meant criminal charges to anyone who didn’t have a “D” after his name. So, it’s not unprecedented for a high-ranking Democrat to flout the rules regarding private email and records.

Tom Fitton of Judicial Watch told Just The News, “The Presidential Records Act required Joe Biden to make sure that any of his gmail account emails, including these emails to Hunter Biden, were forwarded to a government account so they could properly be handled by the National Archives. No wonder the Obama White House wanted to protect Hillary Clinton from the consequences of [her] email shell game!”

Fitton says that Judicial Watch will be filing FOIA requests for Obama White House emails and that we’ll know more in a year or so.

Just the News covers several of the emails in detail, including one from Hunter asking his dad for help by having the vice president make a video to honor Texas Democratic activist Ben Barnes. In another, Hunter expresses interest in a vacancy in the Treasury Department.

Sometimes, Vice President Biden’s messages to his son took a more personal note, like the day the Wall Street Journal broke the story in October 2014 that Hunter Biden had been discharged from the Navy over a positive cocaine test.

“Good as it could be,” Joe Biden wrote in an email chain that included the article forwarded to the vice president’s email address by White House staff. “Time to move on, Love Dad.”

The vice president also flashed some of his trademark self-deprecating humor, once forwarding an astronomy story suggesting a planet be named for him. From his private email, Biden wrote his family, “Only time in history.” The subject line was: “Why I deserve more respect.”

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