In time for Independence Day, Marvel Comics has Capt. America say that American Dream ‘a lie’

In time for Independence Day, Marvel Comics has Capt. America say that American Dream ‘a lie’
Captain America (Image: Courtesy of Marvel Comics via Hollywood Reporter)

How long before they change the character’s name to something more in keeping with the company’s credo? How does Captain The U.S. Is a Cesspool Run by White Supremacist Pigs sound? Yeah, it’s a little wordy and doesn’t quite capture the full magnitude of the nation’s sins against. But I’m sure the great minds at Marvel are working on it.

They have been busy of late. Some of their other refinements in recent years have included making Captain America black, making Captain America indigenous, changing Thor to a woman, and creating a superhero is “nonbinary” and named “Snowflake.” (No word yet on how many owners of fluffy white cats with the same name took offense.)

As for the latest development, which occurs in Volume One of the new United States of Captain America series, Captain America, now a gay teen, explains that he has come to believe that there are actually two American Dreams — and that one of them is a lie.

As ScreenRant explains:

The American Dream that Steve Rogers [Captain America’s other identity] believes in is the dream that is worked and fought for, the ongoing struggle to maintain and defend the nation and its freedoms for all. However, Rogers had also been struggling: “I find myself too often stripped of what I’m supposed to stand for“. … Captain America has been questioning if he’s been the cause of more division than unification as of late, feeling as though he’s been hiding behind his shield and symbol.

Hmm, symbol? You mean like the American flag?

Marvel may want to do some soul-searching as well about the word comics in the company’s title. There’s nothing comedic about these books.

Ben Bowles

Ben Bowles

Ben Bowles is a freelance writer and regular contributor to "Liberty Unyielding."


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