Hunter’s laptop reveals his use of another racial slur — this time against Asians

Hunter’s laptop reveals his use of another racial slur — this time against Asians
Hunter Biden (Image: ABC News screen grab)

Wes Walker

Joe Biden’s Justice Department is very concerned about white supremacists and gun owners … just so long as they aren’t named Hunter Biden.

Were there media outraged over the younger Biden’s gun turning up in a garbage can near a school after a fight with a girl? Nope, even though the administration continues to explore new and creative ways of cracking down on and criminalizing law-abiding gun owners.

Did the media get their panties in a wad over Hunter Biden throwing the n-word around as if he was tossing candy to the crowd from a parade float? Nah, but they applauded the move by TV networks to hire a private investigator to scope stars’ social media for racism.

As it turns out, there are plenty of damning things still lurking in that laptop of Hunter’s. It’s still coming to light in drips and drabs. Here’s the latest:

First son Hunter Biden used the racial slur “yellow” to refer to Asian women in a January 2019 text message to cousin Caroline Biden about getting fixed up with someone, according to a new report.

The January 26, 2019 conversation was preserved on Hunter Biden’s abandoned laptop and was first reported by

In a screenshot posted by the outlet, Caroline — the daughter of President Biden’s brother James — suggests setting Hunter up with one of her friends.

“Do you want foreign or domestic,” she asks at one point before adding: “I can’t give you f—ing Asian sorry. I’m not doing it.”

The next two messages from Hunter read: “Domesticated foreigner” and “Is fine.” The next message reads: “No yellow.”

Yes, this is the same Hunter Biden who made big cash working for China.

It doesn’t take much imagination to figure out how the media would spin this if the laptop that had contained such racist slurs belonged to a son of Donald Trump rather than Joe Biden. But the media wants know part of this story because it doesn’t support the Left’s narrative.

In the meantime, they will continue to promote the “heroic” rehabilitation story of Hunter Biden.

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