Biden has a knack for making any interraction with kids sound creepy

Biden has a knack for making any interraction with kids sound creepy
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Maybe it’s Joe Biden’s well-documented history of inappropriate interactions with young children — his touchy-feely encounters — that give some people the heebie-jeebies when he’s near their child. Or maybe it’s that he’s a lousy storyteller, who makes innocent actions sound lascivious. As an example consider his account of his days as a lifeguard when “the kids used to come up and reach into the pool and rub my leg down, and then watch the hair come up again.”

Decide for yourself as you read this description he shared with reporters of his afternoon with the Floyd family at the White House. Much of the video that follows deals with the time he spent with George Floyd’s 7-year-old daughter Gianna.

Joe Biden: And I think they spoke to — maybe they’ll speak — they spoke to some of you. I think they were very pleased with the time we spent together. It was mostly in-person. We spent a long time, I guess almost a couple of hours.

Reporter: [Inaudible question]

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Biden: She threw her arms around me, gave me a big hug, and wanted to sit in my lap. We spent — we also loved the idea that she said, ‘I’m really hungry.’ So, she said, ‘Do you have any snacks?’

Reporter: What did you give her?

Biden: Well, my wife would kill me. We gave her some ice cream, she had some Cheetos, and I think she had— chocolate milk. I’m not sure what the third one was.

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