Vaccines.gum: Has Biden finally become ripe for ridicule by liberal comedians?

Vaccines.gum: Has Biden finally become ripe for ridicule by liberal comedians?
Joe Biden

Joe Biden’s senior moments are nothing new. During the campaign he pleaded with parents to “turn up the record player,” promised more money for trips to the “haberdasher,” and urged supporters to “go to Joe 30330.” What is new is that comedians on the Left now appear to have his number.

On last night “Tonight Show,” host Jimmy Fallon during his monologue provided a PSA about Biden’s new push to get more Americans vaccinated against COVID. Have a look. (A transcript for the relevant portion of the video follows.)

Yep. Biden is busy today. He gave an update on the vaccine rollout, but he struggled a bit with the name of a website. That should make it easier right there “Again, the website is Wrigley, Wrigley, Wrigley, dot vaccines dot gum. The White House is like, “Dammit, somebody buy vaccines.gum right now, STAT. Buy it, just to have it. Everyone’s going to vaccines.gum. Yep. It’s either Pfizer, modern or bubblicious. That’s your choices. “We’re gonna make it easier for everybody, go to vaccines.gum —.gov — .com.

Here is the entire Biden video, which is worth watching.

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I’m making it sound more fun to get vaccinated, but it doesn’t hurt to get vaccinated. I’m not saying it’s fun, but they’ll be able to have other things available besides being protected from the virus. I’m going to repeat, we’re going to make it easier than ever to get vaccinated. Visit — .gov —, or text to — text your zip code to 438829. 438829. Walk in your local pharmacy without an appointment. Go to the doctor or a local health clinic.

As to whether Fallon’s send-up marks the turning point, as LU noted in December 2020, Democrats, their blather about unity notwithstanding, don’t like Biden any more than Republicans do:

With the election of Joe Biden about to be carved in stone with today’s Electoral College vote, Democrats now begin a new phase of Kübler-Rossian denial. Sure, they will go through the motions in the days and weeks ahead, pretending that a new day has dawned inside the Beltway and talking up Biden’s “gentleness” and affability. But in reality the man they selected as their guidon bearer is every bit as thin-skinned and egotistical as they accuse Donald Trump of being.


The question for Democrats going forward is how long they will be able to countenance working with a man they hold in such low esteem?

Is that final question about to be answered?

LU Staff

LU Staff

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