Biden DHS chief on border media blackout: My dog ate my homework

Biden DHS chief on border media blackout: My dog ate my homework
Chris Wallace, Alejandro Mayorkas (Image: Fox News video screen grab)

Biden Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas was a guest today on “Fox News Sunday” this morning, where he was grilled by host Chris Wallace on the continuing refusal by the administration to allow the press firsthand access to the border.

Wallace introduced the segment by playing a video of Joe Biden vowing on Jan. 21 to “always be honest and transparent with you on both the good news and the bad.”

“Why has the Biden administration refused to allow reporters to see for themselves and to record what the conditions are under which these minors are being housed?” Wallace asked after the clip finished airing. “Why, in fact, did you — when you went to the border on Friday and led a congressional delegation — why did you refuse to allow reporters to see the conditions under which these minors are being held?”

Mayorkas immediately retreated to damage control, offering the half-baked excuse that “we’re in the midst of a pandemic.”

But Wallace wasn’t buying it. “Respectfully, sir,” he responded sharply, “I think that there is a safe condition under which a pool reporter and a pool camera crew could go into some of these facilities — this has been going on for two months now — and record the conditions under which these minors are being held. It seems to me to say it’s impossible to do because of COVID sounds like an excuse.”

“We’re working on providing access,” Mayorkas replied lamely.

The Biden administration has had its minions repeat this party line ad nauseam, but the media are growing weary — and not just Fox News. Last week Democratic Rep. Linda Sanchez (Calif.) was a guest on CNN where she was asked whether she was concerned about the lack of transparency from the administration not allowing journalists access to the facilities on the border. Her answer? It’s not “appropriate” for journalists to tour temporary facilities to see for themselves how the administration is caring for young children.

What could be more appropriate in a free and open society?

LU Staff

LU Staff

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