Great news: NYU now recognizes two dozen genders

Great news: NYU now recognizes two dozen genders
Image: New York University

Last week, Newsweek reported that the White House was considering adding a third gender option to federal forms. Third gender?! How utterly 2020 of them!

We’ve known for some time now that there are like 56 genders. If you really want to appear woke, a third gender simply doesn’t cut it. You need at least two dozen genders just to be taken seriously.

Which is what New York University is striving to be. In February, Campus Reform reports, the school’s Office of Equity, Belonging, and Community Action sent a survey to students asking to state which of some two dozen genders they identify with. Among the possibilities were agender, boi, maverick, gender apathetic, graygender, neutrois, and feminine of center. Recipients of the survey were asked to “select all that apply” from a list of checkboxes. (That’s right: All that apply. Ever hear of gender fluidity?)

Will this presidential election be the most important in American history?

It’s unclear from a partial list that is making the rounds on social media whether male and female made the cut, but — really, who cares?

A partial list of genders from NYU survey.

It’s also unclear, at least to the unenlightened, how boi (with an i) differs from boy. But if you have to ask…

The article notes that other universities that it claims are making similar bold strides. One school that is mentioned is Georgia State University, which “provided ten pronoun options for a women’s business school event.” We hate to be catty with Campus Reform, but 2019 called and they want their list of gender pronouns back.

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