Pa. Lt. Gov.: You don’t have a constitutional right to say the election was rigged

Pa. Lt. Gov.: You don’t have a constitutional right to say the election was rigged
Counting ballots in Philadelphia (Image: YouTube screen grab)

Democrats in the twenty-first century have entertained some interesting theories about what is and isn’t a human right. They maintain that a woman has a free and unfettered right to abort a fetus. To circumvent the sticky wicket that such an action abridges the fetus’s own God-given right to life, they claim that the fetus is not a “living being.”

In the last decade or so, the Left has decided that health insurance — a commodity that Americans have long had the choice to own or not own — is also a right. They try to obfuscate the issue by calling health insurance “health care,” which is the service that health insurance buys. But when all is said and done, the decision to maintain health insurance is up to the individual, as is the decision to pursue or not pursue healthful lifestyle choices.

Last week, we learned from Pennsylvania Lt. Gov. John Fetterman that one of the most fundamental rights known to all of mankind — the freedom to speak your mind — was not a right. In a video that has been viewed over 6,000 times, Fetterman, a Democrat, claims, “This idea that saying that Pennsylvania was ‘rigged’ or that we were ‘trying to steal the election’ — that’s a lie. And you do not have the right, that is not protected speech.” (RELATED: Over 432,000 votes removed from Trump in Pennsylvania, data scientists say)

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Hmm, interesting to hear. So when Democrats in Congress squandered the first two years of the Trump presidency on a witch hunt to prove he had rigged the 2016 election by colluding with a foreign nation, they were all breaking the law, according to Fetterman. The lieutenant governor doesn’t specify the punishment for lying or claiming an election was rigged, but it might be worth hearing so that the lawbreakers in Congress can be brought to justice.

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