Rep. Hank Johnson: If Trump supporter wasn’t shot ‘we would have been lynched’

Rep. Hank Johnson: If Trump supporter wasn’t shot ‘we would have been lynched’
Hank Johnson (Image: YouTube screen grab)

Democratic Rep. Hank Johnson, who is perhaps best known for airing his concern on the floor of Congress that the island of Guam might tip over if troops were stationed there, is still living in the Jim Crow era. (RELATED: Rep. Hank Johnson calls Trump ‘Hitler,’ makes horrifying remarks about his supporters)

Johnson was a guest on MSNBC’s “PoliticsNation” on Saturday, where he maintained that had Capitol police officer not fired the shot that killed Trump Ashli Babbitt during the riots Wednesday, he and his colleagues would have been lynched.

“This is nothing but a race war that was about to be unleashed,” Johnson can be heard telling host Al Sharpton in the video that follows. “Had it not been for the gunshot of the one shot fired by that plainclothes officer in the Speaker’s lobby right behind the House gallery … if those people had been able to get through, they would have had us who were in the gallery up on the third floor trapped.”

In the interview, Johnson, who was born in 1954, by which year lynchings were all but unheard of, specified that he and other members of Congress “who look like” him “would have been swinging from those railings.”

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Speaking of Ashli Babbit, why have her name and senseless death been treated as nothing more than a footnote? She had served her country in the military and was a wife and mother. Why are there no protests in which marchers chant “Say her name?”

Maybe that would have been a good question for Sharpton to ask the congressman. As for his allegation of a “race war,” maybe Johnson would also like the comment on the parade of Antifa members in full riot gear and BLMers who marched in New York City on Sunday.

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