Is this how Biden plans to unify the country?

Is this how Biden plans to unify the country?
Joe Biden (Image: YouTube screen grab)

Democrats have been on the warpath since Wednesday’s storming of the Capitol, complaining about how much more heinous the behavior of the relative handful of Republican bad actors was than that of the BLM and Antifa protesters who ravaged the country in the months following the death of George Floyd.

Typical of the reactions was a commentary yesterday by Fox News contributor Juan Williams, who declared “there is no moral equivalence” between the “insurrection” on Wednesday and “what happened over the summer.” He added, This was an attack on government, on rule of law, not on private property! There is a huge difference to understand, this is a threat to the way we all live.” (RELATED: Critics see disproportionate response in how police handled Capitol attackers)

The difference Williams cites is less huge than he thinks, but more importantly it’s not true. In May, BLM protesters breached and torched the Minneapolis Police Department’s 3rd Precinct building, which is an attack on the “rule of law” if ever there was one.

But of all the comments to emerge in the wake of the Wednesday attack, none is more self-serving or divisive than the one made by Joe Biden, the man who keeps promising to restore unity in the nation. His address, couched as a preamble to his announcement of his pick for attorney general, is packed with lies, innuendos, clichés, and verbal stumbles. In one 12-minute speech, he resurrects the Russia-Trump collusion conspiracy theory and claims, as if it were fact, that Donald Trump nominated judges to the Supreme Court with the expectation “the election would end up” there and that “they would hand him the election.” He also insists that Wednesday’s attack was an “unprecedented assault on our democracy” and accuses Trump of “tear-gassing peaceful protesters” over the summer “in pursuit of a photo opportunity in the service of his reelection.” (RELATED: BLM boomerang: How media flipped script on violent protests after Capitol riot)

Although he has said many times in recent weeks that he will be a president of all Americans, his tone-deaf comments are not apt to be well-received by the 70 million who voted for Donald Trump in November. Many remain bitter over what they perceive to be a stolen election following four years of non-stop persecution of Trump by the Democrats and their enablers in the media. Watching the president they duly elected trashed repeatedly throughout his term in office was very likely a precipitating factor in the behavior of the small subsection of Trump supporters who stormed the Capitol.

If this speech embodied Biden’s sense of unity, he is in for a very rude awakening.

Ben Bowles

Ben Bowles

Ben Bowles is a freelance writer and regular contributor to "Liberty Unyielding."


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