Trump privately admitted he lost the election

Trump privately admitted he lost the election

A New York Times reporter cites a source saying that Donald Trump is happy conservatives lost the Georgia senate elections on January 5. That gave Democrats control of the Senate.

The Times’s Maggie Haberman says that the “president was telling people today that he was happy Loeffler and Perdue lost,” according to a person said to be familiar with the conversations. “He said they didn’t defend him enough.”

Georgia’s Republican Senators, Kelly Loeffler and David Perdue, did defend Trump, and went as far as demanding the resignation of Georgia’s Republican Secretary of State for not overturning Georgia election results showing Joe Biden won the state. Some swing voters punished them for supporting Trump, by voting for the Democrats instead.

Ironically, sources say Trump himself privately recognized he lost the election. If so, then he was demanding that Republicans publicly parrot his claim that he won the election, even though he privately has known for weeks that he lost, and that there is no concrete evidence of widespread vote fraud.

Politico reports:

Donald Trump has privately acknowledged he lost the presidency. He knows Joe Biden will replace him. He recognizes Congress will formally certify the results on Wednesday.

To one person, Trump even confided he was “just disappointed we lost.”

Trump’s acceptance has taken shape in recent weeks, according to three people who have spoken to Trump in that time span, with one conversation occurring a week ago.

Despite this, Trump caused conservative turnout to fall in the Georgia senate races, by peddling wild conspiracy theories, and making exaggerated claims of vote fraud without any concrete evidence. As an LU blogger pointed out earlier, Trump “suppressed conservative turnout by making it seem like voting was futile”:

Ryan Saavedra is a staunchly conservative columnist for the Daily Wire. What he found is that Trump’s rhetoric robbed Republicans of victory in Georgia. As he explained on Twitter:

“Have spoken to people who were knocking on doors in Georgia trying to get out the vote for Perdue in Loeffler and they said that the one thing they heard consistently from Republican voters was that they were not going to vote because the system was rigged.”….

“And they believed that because of what *Trump* was saying.”….

Trump wildly exaggerated the fraud way beyond what was needed to challenge the election outcome, to the extreme level of making voting itself seem pointless.

Democrats’ control of Congress will enable them to speedily erase Trump’s conservative policies. But that doesn’t seem to bother Trump much. He never cared much about policy. Trump wants to hold rallies, and be adored by the public, more than he wants to change government policy, or do the hard work of governing. He made that clear to Ohio Governor John Kasich back in 2016.

His administration reversed only a small fraction of the bad policies that Obama imposed through administrative fiat. That’s because Trump’s administration was mostly inept, and Trump paid little attention to the details of government.

60 court rulings have rejected challenges to the presidential election results. That includes over a dozen rulings by judges appointed by Donald Trump himself. That’s a strong sign that vote fraud didn’t change the outcome of the election. If it did, Trump and his lawyers were too incompetent to allege that it did, in a way that was plausible, in any of their lawsuits. (The Philadelphia Inquirer reports that “A lawyer who represented President Donald Trump’s campaign in challenges to Philadelphia’s election sought to withdraw his representation Thursday, saying the president had used his services ‘to perpetrate a crime.'”)

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