Requiem for a doomed nation

Requiem for a doomed nation

Stick a fork in us, America.

Early this morning Joe Biden’s Electoral College victory was certified by Congress. Soon afterward Donald Trump made it official in a Twitter post, committing “to an orderly transition on January 20th.” The post had to be delivered by White House communication advisor Dan Scavino on behalf of the president who had been banished from Twitter for 14 hours. Big tech censoring the President of the United States. Let that sink in for a minute.

Or consider an op-ed penned by the New York Times’s Thomas Friedman a couple of days ago. Its title — “Never Forget the Names of These Republicans Attempting a Coup” — is a perfect encapsulation of the Democrats’ philosophy, which Friedman mistakenly ascribes to Republicans: “Democracy is fine for us as long as it is a mechanism for us to be in control.” Taking names of dissenters is a natural part of that process. So is applauding each step the “party of the people” takes on the road to absolute power. Expect Friedman and his fellow fourth-estate cronies to be on the sidelines cheering each new conquest, explaining why packing the court, eliminating the filibuster, assigning statehood to two Democratic strongholds, and flooding the nation with illegal immigrants is what our founders envisioned.

And then of course there is the Government (capital “G”) itself, now led in the Senate by Chuck Schumer, who back in November said a mouthful when he predicted, “Now we take Georgia, then we change America.”

Among the changes to America you can expect are the introduction of such helpful programs as Medicare for All and the Green New Deal. Naturally there will be no way to pay for these absurdly extravagant liberal pipe dreams, so expect the Government eventually to sell off portions of the nation to the highest bidder.

How’s your Chinese?

Finally there is the question of law and order. We saw this in action yesterday when a small group of allegedly pro-Trump demonstrators stormed the Capitol. The media and Democrats loudly denounced the attack, which claimed one life. Joe Biden called it siege. Fox News contributor Donna Brazile called it an insurrection – twice. D.C. Mayor Muriel Bowser imposed a curfew on the city.

In principal I have no beef with these reactions. Yet these are the same people who over the past eight months dismissed far more violent protests as “mostly peaceful” and claimed that Antifa was an “idea” rather than an organization. If the protesters who stormed the Capitol had been anti-Trump — a possibility that has not yet been ruled out — Muriel Bowser would have named a D.C. street for them.

Not to worry, however. Under the new Democratic regime, police will be instructed to aim for the leg when confronted by armed miscreants, and psychiatric social workers will be dispatched on police calls to “talk the cops down” before they wantonly kill another unarmed black man.

Ben Bowles

Ben Bowles

Ben Bowles is a freelance writer and regular contributor to "Liberty Unyielding."


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