Joy Reid: COVID deniers think ‘they have a right to get sick’

Joy Reid: COVID deniers think ‘they have a right to get sick’
Joy Reid (Image: YouTube screen grab)

Happily — and in spite of Joe Biden and Kamala Harris’s best efforts to dissuade Americans from seeking immunization through “Donald Trump’s vaccine” — the percentage who now intend to get vaccinated is on the rise. According to Pew Research Center, 60% of the population now says it will get vaccinated, up 9% since September. That percentage is still shy of the 70% needed to achieve herd immunity, but that may change as the number of infections and deaths tick up again.

Unfortunately, the country still faces a bleak winter with shortages of hospital beds and the possible need for rationing care. With an toward enlightening her audience about the challenges ahead, MSNBC’s Joy Reid invited the intense case unit manager at the Cleveland clinic and a science writer to address these issues.

But Reid’s introduction of the two betrayed some very bizarre notions about COVID deniers, many of whom believe the pandemic is a hoax perpetrated by Democrats to help Joe Biden win the election. Take a look. A transcript of the money portion of the video follows.

I don’t know how we get out of this nightmare, Lori, of a pandemic if there are people — and we don’t know what percentage of this country are invested in the idea that they have a right to get sick, that they have a right to then go to the ICU and take up beds, and that they have a right to make you sick and me sick and maybe kill us, that they have a right to do that and they are willing to be violent to defend this so-called right. Am I too hopeless here? This to me looks like a nightmare we can’t get out of.

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COVID deniers are wrong, but they are not crazy. No one is claiming a right to become gravely ill. In fact, inventing “rights” is something liberals are fond of doing, not conservatives. As for Reid’s intimation of violence, the only violence that has been displayed has been on the part of the Left, which seems to believe it is their right to dictate the behavior of their fellow Americans during this time of crisis.

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