Poll workers told to leave, then suitcases full of ballots pulled out

Poll workers told to leave, then suitcases full of ballots pulled out
Image: Just the News screen grab

If Joe Biden were 25 years younger and 20 IQ points smarter, he’d still have a rough time living up to the promise, made numerous times during his campaign and several times since, that he would be a “president for all Americans.” The policies he is promoting and cabinet he is populating are too far left to appeal to half the country. But more important than that is the smoldering multi-car pileup he is walking away from by turning his back on the still-unanswered questions about the election he supposedly won. A Politico/Morning Consult poll conducted last month found that 70% percent Republicans don’t think the election was free and fair. Of those 78% believe that mail-in voting led to widespread voter fraud and 72% believe that ballots were tampered with. Even among Democrats, who overwhelmingly believe the election was totally legitimate, there are questions. (RELATED: Newsmax/McLaughlin poll: Two-thirds of nation back Trump on recounts)

As well there should be. As Daniel Horowitz notes in a compelling piece at The Blaze, the margins on Biden’s mail-in ballots just in the state of Pennsylvania would be virtually impossible in light of the votes he reportedly received.

And then there are the videos, like this one shot in Georgia, which shows election supervisors pulling suitcases filled with ballots out from under a table after instructing poll workers to leave. A transcript of the voice of the narrator, who is unidentified, follows.

At about 8 o’clock in the morning — we’re going roll this back and show it to you. There you go. So now they’re going to start pulling these ballots out from under this table. This table, the black one, was placed there by the lady with the blonde braids at about 8:22 A.M. in the morning. So she put that table there. So the same person who stayed behind or the same person who cleared the place out under the pretense that we’re going to stop counting is the person who put the table there, at 8:22 in the morning. Yeah, I saw four suitcases come out from underneath the table. Yes, upper right-hand, you see the gentleman in red. So he just pulled one out. So what are these ballots during there, separate from all the other ballots? And why are they only counting them whenever the place is cleared out with no witnesses is the question. So, these machines can process about 3,000 ballots an hour. You have multiple machines there, and they are there for two hours. So you do the math. How many ballots went through those machines in those two hours when there was no one there to supervise, to be present, consistent with your statutes and rules to supervise the tabulation? We believe that could easily be, and probably is, certainly, beyond a margin of victory in this race.

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I appreciate that Democrats’ loathing for Donald Trump was so over-the-top that they were willing to do anything to drive him from office — even something as self-destructive as nominate and elect Joe Biden. But their refusal to investigate blatant irregularities in the 2020 election, which include illegal money-for-votes raffles conducted in several states, will irreparably damage their brand going forward. It’s too early to know how this will all end, but my suspicion is that there will be payback.

Ben Bowles

Ben Bowles

Ben Bowles is a freelance writer and regular contributor to "Liberty Unyielding."


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